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Users switching to PandaDoc will find incredible tools to create, publish, and share powerful online forms. Add payment collection, e-signatures, and more to your forms with PandaDoc!

Microsoft FormsPandaDoc
Basic form creation
Form templates
Template sharing
Basic form fields
Survey tools
Drag and drop form builder
Connect to Microsoft tools
HIPAA compliance
File uploads
Document creation tools
Data collection and analyticsLimited
Embed formsLimited
Integration toolsLimited
Electronic signaturesLimited
Payment collection
Content library
Approval workflows
Custom document variables
Custom branding and labeling
24/7/365 support

Build new forms in seconds

PandaDoc Forms and Microsoft Forms make it easy to build any form you need in seconds. Whether you’re creating a questionnaire or a registration form, both tools offer simple, drag and drop functionality to help you quickly build and share your forms. Both products feature simple question types, form optimization for mobile devices, and more.

Better template sharing

Need to create a form template? With Microsoft Forms, you can create templates to store and share in your account or create a Microsoft Word Forms template so that other users can edit the document. PandaDoc takes template creation to the next level by offering a robust template library and allowing modular form storage through our content library. When you need to reuse a form, PandaDoc makes it fast and easy.

Embed and share your forms online

Like Microsoft Forms, PandaDoc allows you to share your forms with specific individuals via link or embed them on a website for maximum visibility. Using these flexible options, respondents can quickly fill out forms via a website home page or through a shared link in their email inbox.

Go beyond the basics

Microsoft is great if you need to use forms in PowerPoint, Sharepoint, Excel, OneDrive, and other Office 365 software tools. PandaDoc allows you to break free of the Office environment and gives you the tools to become a forms pro by leveraging maximum versatility for every form you create. 

24/7/365 Support

Microsoft support can be notoriously tricky. Between support forms, package support tools, and IT service partnerships, it can be hard to get the help you need when you have questions. PandaDoc takes a different approach by offering 24/7/365 support via our online chat tools. If you need help, get immediate support from one of our chat agents so that you can get your questions answered and get back to work.

Design better documents with PandaDoc

Powerful document creation

Just like Microsoft Forms and Microsoft 365, PandaDoc goes beyond basic document creation by empowering users to create other content. Use PandaDoc to create proposals, sales contracts, quotes, and more — all without ever needing to log into your Microsoft account.

Design Styles

Easy-to-use business tools

Our tools are completely accessible from your web browser, so there’s nothing to download or install. Simply sign in to your account in order to get started with creating real-time business documents. When you need to send them, generate a secure link or send documents via email so that everything is kept inside a collaborative environment — even if it’s just to gather design suggestions from coworkers inside Microsoft Teams.

Quick Access

Integrations with and beyond Microsoft

Microsoft Office tools are versatile and flexible when it comes to integrations. In addition to creating more effective forms, you can import documents from Microsoft Word and improve them using our platform. Create new designs, format sales proposals and contracts, and collaboration options, and much more. On top of that, PandaDoc integrates natively with most CRM tools and payment gateways, meaning that we can speed up your end-to-end document creation process with ease.

Microsoft Word Online

Get critical usage info for your docs

Ever wanted to see how users interact with your data? Microsoft Forms and PandaDoc Forms both capture document analytics, but PandaDoc also does this across every other document created on our platform. See how users view and interact with your page. Once you know where the trouble spots are located, you can use that knowledge to boost clarity and smooth over spots that give your customers trouble.

Contract Analytics

Electronic signatures for every document

When it comes to creating Microsoft Forms for business, one of the biggest shortfalls of the platform is the lack of a simple and powerful electronic signature tool. While you can create signatures in Microsoft Word, this process is tedious and takes some setup. With PandaDoc, all you need to do in order to acquire a legally binding e-signature is add the signature block! As an added bonus, our electronic signatures cover the entire document, not just sections of the document like you see in Microsoft Forms.


Always-secure document compliance

Both Microsoft and PandaDoc offer document security and HIPAA compliance. With PandaDoc, you can rest easy knowing that your content is always protected because of how it is stored and shared. With Microsoft, the most updated version of your documents can easily get lost in an email chain or the office intranet. With PandaDoc, your documents are always secure and accessible because they’re stored within your PandaDoc account. With PandaDoc, form and document creation has never been easier.


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Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

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