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Switching from Trackado to PandaDoc helps you equip your business with all the tools it needs for contract creation and contract management, all on a single platform.

Contract management
Contract dashboard
Reminders and notifications
Searchable contracts
Multi-currency support
Custom access and roles
Encryption and security
Document tags
Trackable data and analyticsLimited
Contract importingLimited
Unlimited documentsEnterpriseTeam Plans
Contract creation
Contract signing
Approval workflows
Content library
Payment gateway
Custom variables
Template library
24/7 customer support
Mobile apps

All-in-one contract management

As a contract management solution, Trackado gets a lot of things right, but users are limited in what the service offers. You can only manage contracts with Trackado. You can’t create, modify, or edit contracts within the platform. With PandaDoc, users have the ability to manage every contract through the dashboard and can import and create additional contracts and templates from their existing documentation.

A more robust contract portfolio

We understand that having a robust contract portfolio is important. But if you have to constantly modify and change everything outside of your existing contract management solution, keeping up with your contracts is just another waste of time. With PandaDoc, you can modify contracts in-house. Send everything to your business partners and customers for review and electronic signature from inside the platform.

User-friendly for teams and customers

Trackado has a slick interface for users that makes tracking contracts simple and easy, but PandaDoc takes it to the next level. Teams using PandaDoc have access to their entire contract portfolio, and customers who need to provide an e-signature can join the workspace. This means that both sides of a business negotiation have all the tools necessary to collaborate with one another before signing.

Financial reporting and more

While Trackado provides some financial reporting and metrics based on the information you provide during the contract creation process, PandaDoc provides all that and more. Because all of your documents reside within the PandaDoc platform, PandaDoc can track them and provide analytics data that may lead to deeper financial insights. With PandaDoc, you’ll be able to see who made changes to a document, how many times a page is viewed, and much more.

E-signature and payment tools

Trackado only helps you keep track of your contracts, meaning you still have to chase every contract through each stage of its lifecycle. While Trackado might serve as a reference point to help your contracts stay on track, wouldn’t it be easier to capture an electronic signature, resolve payment issues, and update all related milestones all in one place? PandaDoc helps you eliminate unnecessary tools and task switching by keeping everything together.

Better contract management with PandaDoc

Build custom contract templates

Trackado won’t help you if you hate your contract creation process. Because of everything that happens outside the Trackado platform, you’ll still be looking at another solution to resolve that issue. With PandaDoc, you’ll have access to a huge library of contract templates, all of which can be easily modified and added to your business library. It’s all a part of our beautiful contract management solution for businesses.


Deep financial insights and document analytics

Go beyond basic financial reporting with PandaDoc analytics tools. PandaDoc tracks page views and activity on every page of every contract you send. This makes it easy to figure out how to better optimize your contracts with every iteration.

Analytics Page

Original documents in one place

With Trackado, you can link a document from other cloud-based document platforms like Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox. However, the document doesn’t actually reside within Trackado. PandaDoc allows you to completely import your documents so that you can use our powerful editor and analytics tools to modify and track your document. PandaDoc offers a more robust contract management solution for teams who want to build and manage contracts inside a single platform.

Library Blocks

A contract portfolio optimized for speed

In business, time is money. While Trackado can help you keep track of the contracts you send out, they can’t help optimize your contracting workflow beyond a few reminders. PandaDoc helps you improve your contract portfolio by providing powerful document analytics and a content library for your logos and branded images. With PandaDoc, it’s easy to create, send, and track customized contracts on the fly.

Search Documents

Manage important tasks for every document

Staying on top of your documents is no easy task. It’s why Trackado exists! With PandaDoc, you’ll be notified when someone opens, reviews, and signs your documents. You can even use our integration tools to link PandaDoc with your CRM and calendar tools to keep track of important dates, events, and contract expirations.

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More than a contract management solution

While Trackado is all about helping you stay on top of contracts, PandaDoc goes way beyond that. PandaDoc can help you combine everything you do inside Trackado with your contract creation process to create an all-in-one contract management and creation platform. From version control and electronic signatures to contract templates and complete contract lifecycle management, PandaDoc helps you do it all.


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