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Beginner-friendly document platform

Whether you choose to work with the free WPForm builder or you become a paid subscriber, WPForms suffers from the same problem as most other form builder alternatives: They can only help you build forms. PandaDoc takes this a step further by providing valuable tools for all of your online documents — whether you want to create forms, proposals, quotes, or something else entirely. If you’re looking to do more with your software tools, PandaDoc can provide more than any friendly WordPress contact form plugin will offer.


Advanced customization options

There are tutorials and walkthroughs online if you want to learn how to customize WPForms, but you won’t need any of that to customize your PandaDoc documents. Our design tools are built into the platform. Those design choices carry over when you place forms on your website, regardless of whether you embed directly or use a website shortcode. Using the PandaDoc content library, it’s also possible to store your customizations and recycle (or change them) for later reuse.

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Capture legally-binding e-signatures with ease

WPForms addons are designed to extend the functionality of your forms. The company offers a signature extension that allows users to send a signature image along with their submitted WP contact form. The problem is that these submitted signatures are only an image of a signature — not a legally binding digital signature that can be used to enforce contracts and quotes.  PandaDoc also offers electronic signature tools for our forms and documents. Every signature captured using PandaDoc is legally binding and generates a unique digital certificate validating the identity of the signer and the time that it was signed. If you’re planning to use your form tools to sign contracts and proposals, PandaDoc is the way to go.

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100% secure & HIPAA compliant

Like other WordPress addons, WPForms does everything it can to be secure. Their forms come with spam protection, honeypot implementation to catch bots, and more. Unfortunately, because it’s a WordPress plugin, WPForms stores all captured data on your WordPress website, which means that it has limited control over your security and can’t be HIPAA compliant. PandaDoc can offer HIPAA-compliant security because user information is collected directly to PandaDoc servers and stored in our secure data network. Critical data is never in jeopardy if our website is hacked because that data is never stored there. It’s stored in your secure PandaDoc account.


Improved integration functionality

We’ll be the first to admit that WPForms has a major advantage when it comes to email marketing. With native connections to email marketing services like MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, and others, it’s a great tool for user registrations and email subscription form creation. On the other hand, PandaDoc is focused more heavily on integrations with business services like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Insightly. Both services use Zapier integrations to expand their reach, as well as native payment integrations to collect payments via Stripe, Paypal, and others. PandaDoc users in particular can enjoy payment collection on all documents, including forms!

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Better organizational tools

From star ratings to testimonial capture tools, WPForms does a great job when collecting user data and responses. PandaDoc excels here too by allowing you to create forms that are easy for front-end users to understand. Where PandaDoc pulls ahead is in data organization. While both tools allow you to export data via CSV, PandaDoc can help you keep your onboard data organized and prepared inside the platform. This can be a huge time saver if you’re using contact forms to generate leads and if you plan to create additional documents for that lead. With PandaDoc, all of your user contact information, including forms, proposals, and contracts, can stay in one place.

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