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When you switch from Zuora to PandaDoc you can expect more integrations, better documents, and unlimited eSignatures.

Configure, price, and quote
PCI-compliant payment processing
Custom documents
Embed media and collateral
Electronic signature
Custom content library
Drag and drop document builder
CRM integrations315
Minimum setup fee15,0000

More integrations

PandaDoc has partnered with today’s leading business software platforms to create a connected ecosystem of sales, accounting, and project management tools. Switching to PandaDoc allows you to add a robust digital document solution to the tools that you use to run your business every day.

Better documents

Whether you’re creating simple quotes, complex proposals, or mission-critical documents like service contracts and invoices, PandaDoc will enhance the way you create in ways that Zuora can’t match. PandaDoc documents automatically draw key data from the tools you integrate with, and allow you to customize each document via an intuitive drag and drop interface. You can use PandaDoc to enhance your documents with embedded media, interactive pricing tables, and marketing collateral to have a greater impact on your prospects and clients.

Unlimited eSignatures

There’s no question electronic signatures are the new normal, and your customers and prospects expect them. Don’t frustrate them with an outdated print-sign-scan process. Offer a more enjoyable experience thanks to completely unlimited, legally binding electronic signatures that come with every PandaDoc subscription.

Better pricing

We understand that even the best tools need to be affordable. That’s why we designed PandaDoc to cater to any budget. Our Business plan is perfect for small and mid-sized companies and includes key features like custom branding, access to our full integration library, customer support, unlimited documents, and eSignatures. Larger companies love the custom experience and reasonable pricing offered by our Enterprise plan, where you can access advanced features including the PandaDoc API, custom user roles, custom integrations, and premium support.

What you get when you switch to PandaDoc

Fast, affordable onboarding

Putting a new tool to work for you shouldn’t cost you thousands of dollars and months of time. We designed PandaDoc to deploy in as little as a single hour, and even large companies with thousands of documents are able to get up and running in days without paying exorbitant implementation fees.

Library Blocks

True support for your sales cycle

PandaDoc stands apart from Zuora largely because we provide greater support for sales leaders and representatives throughout the sales cycle. PandaDoc works right inside your CRM, helping sales reps create more impressive, accurate documents in less time with less errors. Reps use PandaDoc to close deals faster thanks to powerful real-time analytics and electronic signatures. Sales leaders leverage PandaDoc analytics to gain greater insights into sales performance, allowing them to improve sales results and accurately forecast.


Industry leading support

Just like other companies, you’ll find that PandaDoc offers one of the most responsive, friendly support teams in the industry. You’ll be able to reach us and get the answers you need. If you need help converting your existing documents to PandaDoc templates, have questions about an outage, or just want to request a new feature we’re here to help.


Custom document templates

PandaDoc users rely on templates to produce consistent, compliant documents in record time. You can convert every document you’re using today to a PandaDoc template. Creating new, smart templates from scratch is painless thanks to our drag and drop template builder.

Templates Library

A better relationship between sales and marketing

One of the most common complaints that sales reps have is that they have trouble finding and using marketing content and collateral. PandaDoc solves that problem permanently by allowing companies to create a content library for media, content, and collateral that sales reps can access inside the document builder. Reps will can find and embed the right content in seconds, and marketing will be able to analyze if and when their content is being used.

Catalog Item

Easier, centralized negotiation and collaboration

PandaDoc allows teams and customers to collaborate and negotiate without email thanks to a built in commenting system that supports both private and public comments. This allows sales reps, prospects, legal teams, and contract managers to review, revise, and negotiate in a central space without the confusion of lengthy email threads.

Workflow Approval

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