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How to sign contracts online

For a written contract to be legally-binding, it typically is signed by all parties involved in the agreement. Traditionally, this meant everybody physically signs a paper contract by hand. Things have changed drastically in the past couple of decades, and now with computers and internet, people have the option of digital contract signing.

But how do you sign online? And what exactly are electronic signatures?

This article will give you answers to these questions and more.

What is an electronic signature?

Electronic signatures, or eSignatures, are in essence a computerized representation of a handwritten signature. A properly-used digital signature serves the exact same purpose as a real physical one – to prove that the person who’s signed accepts the contents of the contract.

They can also make contracts look more legitimate, which many businesses will benefit from when attempting to gain the respect of new customers, employees, and partners in a business situation.

Why sign contracts online?

The most obvious benefit of using electronic signatures as opposed to traditional signatures is the time that it can save you. In the past, a contract would need to be printed, signed, then scanned and emailed or even posted to the next signer. Multiple physical copies were often needed, and it can regularly become a complicated, time-wasting mess.

Because of this, online contract signing is particularly helpful for any person or organization that needs to send a high quantity of contracts. It means less time and money will be spent on labor costs, filing and record keeping. Security is also usually a lot tighter, as everything can be encrypted and stored on secure servers.

How to sign documents online

There are now many different ways to sign your contracts online. Software providers and apps have cropped up in the last few years, for example, PandaDoc, RightSignature, and DocuSign. They all offer slightly different services, but they all enable the eSigning of documents.

Some of these providers also offer expanded services to benefit people and organizations that need to regularly send contracts, such as sales teams, marketing agencies and other kinds of businesses.

In the case of PandaDoc, users can not only use eSignatures, but also create contracts from a huge database of templates, control sending and archiving extremely easily, and even track important metrics to see how recipients are interacting with contracts and help to close deals better in future.

The best way to sign contracts

eSigning your contracts is a great way to streamline operations, saving you time, effort and money in many different ways.

There are several ways to eSign documents, and the method you choose is largely dependent on which signature software you prefer. Providers like RightSignature, DocuSign and more allow fast, easy signing, while others, like PandaDoc, also provide a range of other incredibly useful features.

These can all prove invaluable to businesses, sales teams, marketers and anybody needing to send large volumes of business and sales documents.