Hold on to your seat belt because we have huge news to share with you. Our Google integration just got a facelift. The newly redesigned PandaDoc add-ons are more streamlined and intuitive with a sleek new interface. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Once upon a time, not long ago, there was an insurance agent named Kevin. Kevin was a big fan of PandaDoc, Google apps, and other productivity tools that could help him provide the best service possible to his clients and prospects.

Kevin frequently had to switch between apps just to get a document signed. And it went a little something like this. Download a Gmail attachment or Google Doc and upload it into PandaDoc.

Spend a few minutes (or hours) reformatting the document and eventually send it off for eSign.

This process was tedious and time-consuming. Luckily for Kevin, we introduced our FREE PandaDoc for Gmail add-on in late-2020. By taking advantage of this add-on, Kevin was able to open an attachment and eSign it – right from his inbox. He could also add additional signature fields for others to sign the document without leaving Gmail.

And today, we’re extending those capabilities and adding completely new features, introducing PandaDoc for Google Workspace.

With PandaDoc for Google Workspace, you can now:

  • Sign PDFs and Google Docs right within Gmail and Google Drive
  • Convert Google Drive files into editable PandaDoc documents and templates
  • Self-sign and add signature fields to Gmail attachments from your inbox
  • Track document progress with real-time notifications when a status changes

Talk about a game-changer

Our PandaDoc for Gmail and Google Drive add-ons are completely free and available for all plans, including Free eSign. We put together this helpful resource to help you get started with PandaDoc for Google Workspace.

Or head over to the Google Workspace marketplace (formerly G Suite marketplace) to install the Gmail and Google Drive add-ons.