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AeroNet Wireless Broadband is an internet service provider based in Puerto Rico, with B2B and B2C customers. They use PandaDoc to create customer contracts and collect eSignatures.

AeroNet Wireless Broadband is an internet service provider based in Puerto Rico, with B2B and B2C customers. They use PandaDoc to create customer contracts and collect eSignatures.

They have integrated document generation and eSignature capabilities into their workflows using the PandaDoc API, which allows them to automate their contract creation process.

Jean Pagán, AeroNet’s Chief Software Engineer explains:

“PandaDoc API is naturally dynamic rather than needing manual adjustment. Since switching to PandaDoc it takes us around 80% less time to create each contract.” – Jean Pagán, Chief Software Engineer, AeroNet

The problem

Before using PandaDoc, AeroNet used SignNow to create their contracts, but the software was too inflexible to automate to the degree that they needed.

Because AeroNet’s contracts routinely contain customizations (with customers being offered discounts, special bundles of products, etc,) an inflexible document generation tool meant they had to create the contracts manually.

“AeroNet contracts are not static. The content of each contract is created dynamically for the specific customer’s scenario. Using SignNow was like drawing on top of a printed page. The system was also error-prone, there was a lot manual, time-consuming customization required.”

Their sales representatives are the team members who are tasked with drawing up these contracts, and they had to devote a disproportionate amount of time to this process — a task that took them away from the core part of their role: generating sales and business for the company.

They knew that the process was not dynamic, flexible, or scalable enough for their needs which meant that their sales reps. had to manage each part of the document creation process manually.

The solution

What attracted AeroNet to PandaDoc was its flexibility. With other solutions, the content of their contracts did not adjust as new data was added.

This again meant lots of manual rejigging of documents. PandaDoc was the only solution that would allow them to dynamically create documents.

With PandaDoc, when they add data to a document the content and layout adjust automatically to make space for what has been added.

For example, if they want to add a pricing table, whether it is one item or 100 items long, the content in the rest of the document automatically moves to make space.

The results

Previously, when a contract required customization, the sales reps had to go through a process that involved inputting data into excel sheets and using the information to create the contract from scratch.

Now AeroNet can automatically create their contracts and populate them with customer information directly from their CRM.

So, whether it’s a regular contract or a heavily customized one, they put it through exactly the same automated process.

AeroNet used the API to integrate PandaDoc’s document generation capabilities into their own workflows, and their sales reps report a huge improvement in their productivity, with it taking them around 80 percent less time to create each contract. Added up over the course of a sales rep’s typical day, it results in several hours’ less work.

“Using PandaDoc API has made an enormous difference. The sales reps don’t have to do anything now. Whereas before, they could spend 10–12 minutes for each customer, now they just spend two minutes, and that’s it!.”

The biggest benefit of using PandaDoc has been the powerful and flexible API. It has allowed them to embed document generation into their own software and is a robust automation tool.

AeroNet has been using PandaDoc for two years. They say that they have experienced significant improvements in the API since they started using it. For example, they can now download a file from the upload field.

This is something that pleases PandaDoc’s developers, as they have been working hard since the API’s launch as a product to deliver a best-in-class document generation solution.

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