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Quadient is the driving force behind the world’s most meaningful customer experiences. They help organizations deliver exceptional experiences to their customers by focusing on four key solutions: Customer Experience Management, Business Process Automation, Mail-Related Solutions, and Parcel Locker Solutions.

seats added in 2020 due to COVID-19

The problem

Quadient became a PandaDoc customer in 2016 and purchased 100 seats. Quadient knew, as a technology and software solutions company, that they wanted to provide the option for clients to digitally sign contracts. Given that their target market was businesses that sought the ability to communicate and transact with customers over a variety of channels, they knew they had to enhance their contracts to effectively support their customers with Quadient solutions.

The first step was streamlining the internal sales process and delivering an easier way of doing business with their customers. Previously, they were sending contracts to customers by email, who would then print the contract, make revisions and sign, scan, and send the contract back by attaching the scanned document to an email.

“Early on, we saw the value of deploying PandaDoc across operations but wanted to do so systematically so we could customize the platform to our needs for each department and ensure we were using it to the best of its abilities. We’re incredibly impressed by the results our teams have experienced – from accelerated deals to improved customer experiences, PandaDoc has been a valuable partner. Once the pandemic hit, we knew we needed to accelerate our deployment of PandaDoc to continue to successfully support our customers.” Steve Rakoczy, Chief Digital Officer for Quadient

With the initial 100 seats, implementation of PandaDoc was done by introducing the tool team by team, integrating it system by system, and setting it up workspace by workspace, tailoring the software capabilities to the individual needs of each department to ensure a perfect fit.

At the start of the project, the challenges of rolling out an eSignature solution to customers essentially boiled down to two risks: 1. The customer saying “I don’t trust it, I don’t validate it.” and 2. The court saying “I don’t trust it, I don’t validate it.” Now, nearly 5 years into the use of PandaDoc technology, it’s a different story. People have their lives fueled by technology, convenience is king, and customers are very familiar with electronic solutions that previously were cause for concern.

Fast forward to March 2020 and Quadient was faced with an entirely new set of challenges: responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The solution

Six days before the end of March, at a critical time for sales teams, many businesses were advised to go remote due to the pandemic. Many customers were forced to quickly adapt to the “new normal” too. Therefore, the Quadient team made an executive decision to purchase an additional 250 PandaDoc seats to enable the teams with the best chance of success while also better serving customers in these new conditions.

Despite the unprecedented times, the pandemic presented Quadient with a unique opportunity to emphasize the value of effectively communicating with their target market, no matter the location.

“At our core, PandaDoc and Quadient share a basic mission: help our customers communicate and connect with their customers. Using PandaDoc to send seamless communications to our customers helps us set the bar for our customer experience, which has been even more important as we adapt to the inability to close deals in person. Working hand-in-hand with PandaDoc as a partner to meet our needs has been instrumental, especially as we ramped up deployment exponentially during the onset of the COVID-19 crisis.” Scott McKissack, Senior Manager CRM for Quadient.

Quadient sought to empower their customers during this time of uncertainty with solutions that digitize business processes, improve customer experience through omnichannel communications, and automate last-mile parcel delivery.

The rollout was completed within 48 hours, thanks to Quadient’s four years of experience with the software. The PandaDoc power users onboarded their Quadient teammates to train them quickly and efficiently.

Quadient immediately saw the benefits of PandaDoc they’d previously experienced on a larger scale. Two years prior to COVID-19, a sales leader at Quadient reported that the higher volume of deals closed by PandaDoc users had increased because they saved the time customers previously spent on printing, editing, signing, and attaching docs to an email.

Through the widespread acceleration of the sales cycle and newfound insight into how customers were interacting with their sales docs, the Quadient team was able to close more business faster. One of the most beneficial features of PandaDoc is the mobile app because the same analytics the Quadient team came to rely upon are found within the app as well.

A rep receives notifications to their locked mobile screen as soon as a recipient takes any action on the doc, and if he or she needs to make any revisions, the rep can take action right from the phone and send it back with little to no downtime.

The result

The improvement reps feel over their own pipelines while working remotely has increased exponentially with the additional PandaDoc seats.

Reps are more empowered than ever thanks to the PandaDoc analytics. Now that reps know when to strike, not only has their confidence grown exponentially but so have close rates. In the last two weeks of March of 2020, Quadient’s U.S. Direct Field Sales Operations sent 226 documents with a 65% view rate and 62% completion rate.

Quadient successfully closes more deals, shaves hours off of their time to close, and amends documents in no time while working remotely. The partnership between Quadient and PandaDoc demonstrates that sales professionals can execute the “final close” from anywhere, even under challenging circumstances.

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