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Cross-Sell tracks new and used vehicle registration data in 29 states, providing comprehensive monthly reports that are custom-made for each client’s unique market. They strive to provide the automotive industry with the most accurate and timely data, focusing on personalized service, valuable insights, and an excellent customer experience.

The problem

The automotive industry has seen a shift in consumer interest. High-mileage used cars have become the focal point of car sales. Car dealerships started to experience issues with maintaining inventory of in-demand vehicles, leading to an increased need for the data provided by Cross-Sell.

Limited access to necessary software caused delays in communication with customers. To generate a contract, team members had to send a request to their managers. This flawed system made it difficult for the team to get proposals out to customers quickly.

The solution

As the demand for services increased, Cross-Sell needed a better way to stay in contact with customers. Their transition to HubSpot was the motivating factor for implementing PandaDoc. The PandaDoc for HubSpot integration gave the team a smoother, more convenient way to create and send documents.

“We were able to send an email to our client; they signed it and sent it back quickly.” Jeff Keeney, Consultant

Cross-Sell was able to give dealerships access to research that defines trends in car sales. This insight could give dealerships direction on defining the most successful niche in the automotive industry. Cross-Sell also provides historical information that can identify trends in that local market while predicting the future of business for that local dealership.

The results

The team can now generate more accurate and custom contracts for customers in a fraction of the time, thanks to the PandaDoc HubSpot integration.

PandaDoc’s approval workflows and document tracking tools gave business leaders full transparency into the document lifecycle from send to complete. Managers could not only give a stamp of approval on documents before they reached customers, but they could monitor the signing process in real time.

“As we improved our processes, we were able to see more deals coming in, with much more flexibility in the deals offered.” Jeff Keeney, Consultant

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