Partners of the Americas saves 300 hours per year with PandaDoc

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The Challenge

At the onset of the pandemic, Partners of the Americas was presented with the challenge of shifting to a paperless and remote document management system. They needed a reliable platform to manage remote offices, secure e-signatures and handle a myriad of documents ranging from contracts to travel authorizations.

The Solution

Partners of the Americas implemented PandaDoc across 11 different locations with virtually every single team using PandaDoc in their day-to-day work. Now, documents are sent and completed on the same day and take only seven minutes to create and send — a 25% reduction in time spent on document creation, a time savings equating to 300 hours a year.

hours saved annually
minutes to create a proposal
Proposals, Contracts, E-Signature
Company size:
Non Profit
North America

Need for digitization

Partners of the Americas is a non-profit organization taking a collaborative approach to changing the world. Recognizing that solving global challenges cannot be accomplished in isolation, they unite volunteers, development professionals, governments, businesses and higher education institutions to take a holistic approach to meeting community needs and maximizing donor contributions.

They rely heavily on alignment across their Partners of the Americas chapters spanning 15 different locations and needed an effective solution to replace paper-based and in-person operations. In the midst of the pandemic, Danielle Martin, Director of Contracts and Grants at Partners of the Americas, accelerated their search for a solution that could handle e-signatures, contract management and document control seamlessly.

Finding the right solution

Danielle compared PandaDoc against six other top platforms including DocuSign and (Dropbox Sign (Prev. HelloSign). They ultimately chose PandaDoc based on our robust feature set and pricing:

  • PandaDoc allows them to lock document content, preventing changes to key clauses and maintaining integrity of their documents.
  • In-app template creation makes for a streamlined experience for both their team and end users.
  • Leveraging workspaces for their 15 different locations let them organize workflows by different languages and country
  • Bulk send feature is used to send multiple documents simultaneously with correct variables for the recipient.
  • Competitive pricing meant that Partners of the Americas could continue to scale their operations.

Every team in the organization adopted PandaDoc, providing value across several document types and departments on a global scale:

  • Human Resources uses PandaDoc for employment offers and contracts.
  • Contracts team uses it to sign evaluation documents and memos.
  • Program teams who often travel use it to fill out authorization forms.

Reduced time-to-create by 25% and saves 300 hours per year

PandaDoc helped Partners of the Americas streamline their expansion into new countries by simplifying contract management and enabling remote work. Contracts are signed and processed on the same day, greatly boosting their operational efficiency and saving their teams valuable time that used to be spent getting caught up in busywork. Now, their teams get documents signed on the same day with a 25% reduction in time-to-create these documents, saving their teams 300 hours a year creating proposals. Ready to scale document workflows across your team? Book a demo

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