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Werfen is a worldwide leader in specialized diagnostics in the specialties of Hemostasis, Acute Care Diagnostics, and Autoimmunity. Werfen believe that quality and innovation are the key to improving people’s health. That’s why Werfen works passionately to develop tools, reagents, and software that improve the solutions and efficiency necessary in the most demanding healthcare settings.

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The problem

Before Werfen signed up with PandaDoc, their Sales and Customer Success teams relied on Excel and PDFs to execute business transactions. Their process was very complex, and getting a quote out to a customer often took as long as one hour.  

The Sales team had to manually fill out as many as 12 fields from client name and information to product lines, pricing, and expiration date. Their workflow often broke down, and the team found themselves stepping on each other’s toes and getting locked out of files when trying to get documents out urgently.  

The Word templates being used were basic documents that lacked branding and would morph over time into multiple different versions, with each rep using their own. Leadership could never be sure what documents were being presented to prospects and customers. 

Werfen’s Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) also lacked consistency. The structure and information presented to customers would differ based on the representative or product team. Customers were asked different questions and presented different information, and the QBR experience was never the same. 

Werfen’s National Sales Manager, Kieran Pickles, saw the issues in their process, which was costing the team valuable time, and made it his mission to bring changes that would allow his team to focus on client relationships instead of being bogged down in administrative work.

“With our growth and needing to expand the team, how we were handling business documents was not going to cut it for where we needed to be.”

The solution

Kieran’s top priority was getting a system in place that would allow his team to send out documents quickly and painlessly. He also needed to ensure that the documents going out were professional, consistent, and on-brand. 

Despite the global issues surrounding COVID-19, Werfen was growing quickly. The sales and success teams were expanding, and when Kieran realized they were spending over 8 hours a week on documents/quotes, he knew a change was necessary. The solution needed to be easy to pick up and eliminate human error, manual data entry, and entering information in multiple systems. 

It was also important that the tool supported many types of documents. While sales quotes was originally the primary use case, Kieran realized that the flexibility and content-rich features of PandaDoc would allow his team to create beautiful proposals and for his Account Management and Success team to present impactful business reviews that would reinforce the value Werfen provides to their clients.  

Kieran is finding new uses for PandaDoc all the time and the most rewarding part for him is his ability to give his team time back to focus on what matters most.

“What I wanted most was for the team to be able to focus back on the customers and not waste hours trying to produce underwhelming documents with convoluted tools.” 

The results

Implementing PandaDoc allowed Werfen to drastically cut down time spent on business documents and create consistency. They were able to cut the time to create and send documents from one hour to 5 minutes per document. 

Across four people, it was 4-8 hours wasted every day creating documents. With that time saved, they can spend more time with customers.” 

Kieran believes the ability to add rich content like images, videos, is empowering the team to build and present beautiful documents that stand out and help create a great experience for their customers. 

“It’s minimal work and the documents look beautiful.”

When Kieran saw how the PandaDoc Customer Success team was using the tool to run him through a business review, he loved the flow and thought it made a lot of sense. At the same time, Werfen was going through a rebrand and Kieran saw a great opportunity to use PandaDoc to recreate the QBRs. 

“If you guys can do it, surely we can do the same thing. I’ve tested it several times now and it’s worked brilliantly.” 

With QBRs in PandaDoc, Kieran can present the information more effectively as he scrolls through a tailored document, fills in certain sections, and interacts with the client. He also enjoys that once he’s sent the document out, he can see which customers have opened it and how long they’ve spent looking at it.

“The main thing I draw value from is the consistency of branding and trust that if I build it in PandaDoc when the territory managers are doing a business review, they’re all doing it exactly the same way with exactly the same scaffolding.”

Many of the benefits experienced by the sales teams were benefits that other teams could also enjoy. Their Customer Success and Account Management teams are now quickly implementing PandaDoc for business reviews, and they’re looking at bringing the technology to their HR team.

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