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Protect your PDF with PandaDoc for free

Do you want to secure PDF files from unauthorized users? You are in luck! Use our free PDF encryption tool to protect your documents in a flash.

Your file will be uploaded to PandaDoc cloud storage. By using this service, you agree that the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice will govern the use of services you receive and personal data you provide respectively.

How to lock a PDF using PandaDoc

1. Upload the file

Click the “Select files” button to add your files to the visual editor. You can also use the drag-and-drop feature for uploads.

2. Create a password

Add a strong password that consists of letters, numbers, and special characters in order to encrypt PDF files. Don’t forget to store the password safely.

3. Lock and download

Once the file is locked, it will be immediately downloaded to your device’s storage.

Why people choose PandaDoc

Individuals and businesses use PandaDoc for locking PDFs online. Check out the features and benefits of using PandaDoc for protecting PDF files with a password.

Faster file sharing for optimized workflows

Faster file sharing for optimized workflows

Our tool helps you save time by speeding up the encryption process. Once you learn how to put a password on a PDF within seconds, you will improve workplace productivity.

Advanced encryption protocols to safeguard trade secrets

Advanced encryption protocols to safeguard trade secrets

We deploy advanced encryption tools to ensure document security for users. After you encrypt a PDF with a password, it is automatically deleted from our servers.

A user-friendly interface for everyone

A user-friendly interface for everyone

You can add passwords to PDF files using the 
drag-and-drop feature available on our simple and intuitive editor.

Lock your file from any device

Lock your file from any device

Our PDF file locker is cloud-based, so it’s compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux devices.

Cloud-based storage for easy access

Cloud-based storage for easy access

Our editing tools are served from the cloud. So you can access them from any location that has an active internet connection.

Free tools to help you save money

Free tools to help you save money

We offer editing tools for free, whether for personal or commercial use. You don’t need an account or subscription to access our PDF lock tool.

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Other PDF tools we offer

Use other premium editing tools on PandaDoc without paying a dime.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a PDF confidential?

You can make a file confidential by restricting viewing, sharing, or editing access. To achieve this, you can encrypt the file with a password. With PandaDoc, anyone can lock a file to keep it confidential.

How do I password-protect a PDF without Adobe?

There are other ways to password-protect a file without using Adobe Acrobat, including the use of free document editors like PandaDoc. This tool shows you how to put a password on a PDF in seconds. Just upload the file you want to lock, and the password will be added instantly.

Can I make a PDF read-only?

Of course, you can restrict access to the contents of a file by adding a password to it. This password encryption will protect your files from unauthorized editing or sharing.

Why should I lock a PDF?

The main reason to lock your files is that it preserves the integrity of the document’s content. It also prevents anyone from making unauthorized changes or using the content without your knowledge.

Is my password-protected PDF safe on my device?

Your password-protected document is secure on your device, but for extra security, you should also store your files on the cloud. PandaDoc supports cloud storage and sharing, so you can always upload and retrieve documents whenever required.