Room Rental Agreement Florida

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Room Rental Agreement Florida

A room rental agreement in Florida is used in this state to outline the responsibilities of both the landlord and lessee as it relates to leasing the room. 

These legally binding contracts are slightly different from regular lease agreements as they often include household rules and chores to maintain communal areas. Florida does impose some of the requirements of the landlord-tenant act in their governing of lease agreements. As such, your room rental agreement in Florida might include the following clauses.

Landlord eviction disclosure

Only the landlord, as stated in the contract, has the right to evict tenants.

Tenant rights

The lessee will only be eligible for tenant rights under Florida law if a formally signed lease is in place. 

Period before guests are considered tenants

Your lease should specify how long a guest has to stay in the home before being considered a lessee and has to be added to the agreement. Florida state law considers guests as tenants if they stay for more than 14 days within six months or more than seven consecutive days.