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Looking for a FormAssembly alternative? Use PandaDoc to take form building to the next level with powerful form building and document creation tools.

Drag and drop form builder
Form customization options
Analytics and data
Security and encryption
HIPAA-compliant forms
Payment gateways
CRM integrations
Approval workflows
API access
File uploads
Captcha and spam protection
Mobile app
Training options
Electronic signature
Template library
Document creation tools
Content library
24/7/365 support

Form building for businesses & nonprofits

Whether you’re a small business, a major corporation, or a nonprofit, both PandaDoc and FormAssembly can help you build powerful web forms. While each tool offers a variety of different features, both companies offer excellent web-based tools designed to help you build incredible online forms.

Streamline your data collection platform

Online web forms help your team collect important information from customers, but collating and organizing that data can be tricky.  Both FormAssembly and PandaDoc are great here.  Each company offers excellent tools to expedite data collection processes, including document analytics and the functionality to download raw datasets for complete analysis.

Templates form every industry

From patient intake forms for healthcare to class registrations for higher education, the ability to create customizable forms that interface with your industry is essential to your success.  Both FormAssembly and PandaDoc offer template libraries to help you jumpstart your creative process and provide the ability for you to customize your form even further.  PandaDoc has an advantage here due to our content library, which allows you to store any type of content, from images to snippets of text, in one place.  This kind of modular customization gives you even more control over your forms.

Training and knowledge at no extra cost

No matter whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned expert, there are always opportunities to learn how to improve your forms.  While both PandaDoc and FormAssembly offer training to help out, FormAssembly’s training options cost $200/hr at a minimum.  With PandaDoc, all additional webinars and training resources are free.  Plus, our support team is always just a chat away.

24/7/365 customer support

FormAssembly offers support options via chat and email, but chat support is limited to business hours.  Email support is available from Sunday night to Friday night. With PandaDoc, you’ll get 24/7/365 chat support from inside your PandaDoc dashboard. All you need to do is open up the chat window and request help! Our team is standing by to answer your questions and help you get back on track so that you don’t have to waste time waiting for a reply.

Build better documents with PandaDoc

More than an online form builder

PandaDoc leaves FormAssembly behind once you consider the scope of the project. With PandaDoc, you can build forms, quotes, proposals, contracts, and much more. Our document editor is flexible and equipped with a huge selection of tools designed to streamline the creation of any business document you need.

Plg - Role Customer Success

Powerful integrations at your fingertips

FormAssembly offers a Salesforce integration, as well as integration options for payment and financial services like PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net  PandaDoc offers all that and more. You can find native integrations to most major CRM platforms, as well as connections to design and storage platforms for better product connectivity.

Document Integrations Contract

Save time with document workflow tools

When trying to streamline your FormAssembly forms, you might find yourself hamstrung by features that are locked behind higher-cost plans. For example, with FormAssembly, many of the management and automation tools for users, forms, and themes are locked behind enterprise-level plans ($250+ per month). With PandaDoc, you can get access to most major automation and workflow tools on the Business plan for a fraction of the cost.


Security & HIPAA-compliance for every form

FormAssembly focuses heavily on security and compliance, but PandaDoc is no slouch in this category.  PandaDoc is SOC 2 certified, GDPR compliant, and fully compliant with FERPA. We’re also HIPAA-compliant, and this is available at no extra charge (but you’ll need to sign a BAA with us for this purpose).


Prefill form and document information

Using templates and the content library, PandaDoc users can easily prefill forms and documents with data before sending documents to users. This can be useful for team members who want to prefill sales documents before emailing them, but it’s also useful for forms. This can save time by reducing the number of form fields that need to be completed by users while preventing confusion during analysis.

Forms Multiple Recipients

Electronic signatures when you need them

Electronic signatures create authentication that allows contracts to gain legal standing if they ever need to be enforced.  As with so many other great features that FormAssembly offers, electronic signatures — but only on higher-tiered pricing plans. PandaDoc offers electronic signatures for free on every document sent through the PandaDoc platform. You can even capture legally binding e-signature for free on our Free eSign plan.


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