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Switching from Formstack Documents (formerly WebMerge) to PandaDoc gives you everything you need to create and manage your essential business documents. Read on to get our take on how Formstack Documents and PandaDoc handle document management, project management, and word processing within their respective document management platforms.

Formstack Documents (formerly WebMerge)PandaDoc
Document creation and generation
Create document templates
Bulk send documents
Complete document management
Custom variables (Tokens)
Electronic signature capture
Document uploads
Security and encryption
Document editorLimited
Template libraryLimited
Tracking and analytics
Branding kit
Content library
Create dynamic documents
Pricing tables
Product catalogs
Approval process and user roles
Payment gateways
Mobile app

Personalized document generation

Both Formstack Documents and PandaDoc can be used for document assembly. With Formstack Documents, you’ll create a template and then upload the personalized contents into the template via a .CSV file. PandaDoc allows you to do this but also gives you everything you need to customize your content before you send it via the document editor. Adding a personalized note to your contract or a custom image to your sales proposal only takes a minute with PandaDoc.

Document management for pros

Just like Formstack Documents, PandaDoc excels in document management. Using the PandaDoc dashboard, you’ll be able to group, categorize, and nest all of your documents so that it’s easy to locate them in the future. On top of that, your data is encrypted and securely backed up, so you’ll never have to worry about losing corporate forms or small business contracts again.

Upload from PDF, Google, and more

Formstack Documents allows users to upload PDF documents directly from a computer. Users can also integrate with DropBox, Box, or Google Docs to bring in new content. PandaDoc users enjoy the same integration features. Bring your documents into PandaDoc using any of our native integrations or connect with Zapier and plug PandaDoc into your document management workflow without a hassle.

Better document collaboration

Both Formstack Documents and PandaDoc allow users to create, assemble, and automate documents, but PandaDoc emphasizes a personal touch for each customer. Rather than sending customers an email or an online form, use the PandaDoc editor to collaborate with them over the finer details of your contract or proposal and resolve any issues before capturing their electronic signature.

Complete project management for documents

Like Formstack Documents, PandaDoc offers a variety of delivery options, including a bulk send option for enterprise customers, it doesn’t make sense to force users to track hundreds of emailed contracts. With PandaDoc, document review happens within the PandaDoc document editor. When you send a proposal or contract using our send feature, your customers will come to PandaDoc to review and sign their documents. That way, every document and electronic signature can be managed from your PandaDoc dashboard.

Go beyond mail merges with PandaDoc

Every integration you’ll ever need

Both Formstack Documents and PandaDoc take integration seriously. From Salesforce and Google Docs to Dropbox and Zapier, you can connect PandaDoc to the other tools you use on a daily basis. For best results, consider using PandaDoc as the document management software for your contracts, forms, and proposals. Thanks to the powerful PandaDoc editor, you may be able to eliminate redundant tools by centralizing your document creation within PandaDoc.

Document Integrations Contract

Templates for every occasion

Formstack Documents offers a template library to help you jumpstart your document creation process. PandaDoc takes document automation a step further with its own template library. We offer 400+ templates to suit your business needs. Whether you’re looking for a sales agreement, a small business proposal, or a rental property agreement, PandaDoc can help you build incredible documents quickly.


A better creation process for documents

In the past, most contracts were created using word processing software like Microsoft Word. Pricing tables and product catalogs were built in Excel. If you’re a Microsoft power user, that might be a great fit. For everyone else, PandaDoc makes it easy to create pricing tables and product catalogs from within the PandaDoc editor. And for you Microsoft fans out there: Don’t worry. You can always upload your Excel pricing table or your old Word contract into PandaDoc for the rest of your team to use as a template.

Collaborative Workspace Comments

Captures payment and electronic signatures

Both Formstack Documents and PandaDoc offer options around electronic signature capture, but PandaDoc offers payment integrations to become a complete solution for document management. During the document generation process, you can connect a payment gateway to your contract or proposal. When your customer signs the document with their electronic signature, they’ll also have the ability to pay you for your products or services. This is great for freelancers and small businesses who require a downpayment for services before beginning work.


Collaboration with teams and customers

With Formstack Documents, you’ll create your documents and send them out. But what happens next? How do you get your team involved when contacts come back with questions or proposals that need to be tweaked? With PandaDoc, all collaboration happens inside the online form. Your sales team can work with customers to resolve issues. Customers can comment on pain points and negotiate specific terms, where needed. And don’t forget the best part: You can track everything through document analytics to further refine your process.

Document Workflow Agreement

Go mobile with the PandaDoc app

If you’re a small business owner or the head of a department, having your documents with you is often essential. When you’re rushing out the door, you wouldn’t want to forget your Powerpoint presentation. The same is true for hiring contracts, sales proposals, and service agreements. PandaDoc users enjoy 24/7 access to all of their documents with the PandaDoc mobile app. Simply download the app and sign in to access and manage your documents from anywhere.


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