Need a break from HubSpot Sales Hub?

Users switching from HubSpot Sales Hub for document generation will enjoy customizable document creation, real-time customer data analytics, and around-the-clock customer support.

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Close deals fast

Both Sales Hub and PandaDoc are great platforms that can help you move deals through your sales pipeline at lightning speed. 

While Sales Hub does this through a combination of marketing automation and email marketing, PandaDoc leverages all-in-one document generation and improved customer data analytics.

Know when customers view documents. Review audit trails to see how they interact with quotes, contracts, and invoices, then leverage those metrics to improve your next generation of sales docs.

Powerful tools for sales teams

Just like HubSpot, PandaDoc offers sales enablement tools for both small and enterprise teams.

Our robust content library, workflow automations, and templating tools make it easy to quickly build custom documents for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Team members in your workspace can also receive notifications when leads take action and can use virtual deal rooms to work collaboratively and reach a final solution.

Works with other HubSpot tools

If you’re using other HubSpot tools (Marketing Hub, Service Hub, etc.) or if you want to stick with Sales Hub while building out your sales platform, PandaDoc still has a place for you.

PandaDoc can integrate with HubSpot CRM to provide more robust document creation while still allowing you to take advantage of the rest of the HubSpot suite.

Use our HubSpot integration to manage forecasting, inbound calls, and automated outreach. Leverage PandaDoc to build custom documentation when and where you need it.

Why switch from HubSpot to PandaDoc?

Versatile document creation

Using our flexible document editor, it’s possible to create custom documents. Build custom proposals for a variety of industries. Build quotes using the onboard product catalog. Give teams added flexibility by allowing users to customize documents with pre-approved language from the content library. The possibilities are endless.

Document Editor

Robust insights & analytics

With PandaDoc, you’ll gain insights into customer engagement by learning how customers interact with your documents. Review how long it took sales leads to read pages, which links were clicked, when documents were first viewed, and more. Use this information to improve your sales process, your follow-ups, and the documents themselves.

Contract Analytics

Build your own tech stack

Switching away from HubSpot for document generation gives teams the opportunity to build a customized tech stack. The good news is that PandaDoc integrates with almost any app or SaaS platform via native integrator or a Zapier connector. Want to use Salesforce as your new CRM platform? Need to run payments through Quickbooks? PandaDoc has your back.

Proposal Integrations

Better document management

Every customer account has a lifecycle, and the documents you create need to be available throughout the duration of your client relationship. With PandaDoc, it’s possible to handle all document management tasks in one place. Our onboard filing and search tools make it easy to store and locate documents when you need them. You can also set reminders and notifications for renewals so that customers never miss a beat when contracts are about to expire.

Auto Reminders

Improved eSignatures and audit trails

PandaDoc makes it easier than ever to eSign a document. But, while our signing platform is built around ease of use, our background security is there to ensure that signatures are authentic and legally binding. With PandaDoc, you can track user interactions via audit trail and receive certificates of signature authenticity for any of your signed documents — all while making sure that signing is simple, fast, and easy.

Security Signature

Around-the-clock customer support

HubSpot has a great support team, but the platform is complicated, and they’re often only around during business hours. While we’ve done our best to streamline the document creation process, PandaDoc also keeps chat support available 24/7/365 so that you’ll always have more than a knowledge base to answer your questions.

Support Call

Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

Find the perfect PandaDoc solution for your business