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Replace Proposable and take advantage of time-saving features like over a dozen integrations, legally-binding eSignatures, and more efficient teamwork.

Online document editor
Electronic signaturesLimited
CRM integrations815
Custom pricing tables
Content library
Custom workflows
Document folders and tags
Upload and import
Content locking
Line-item taxes/discounts
eSignature certificate
Bulk send
Embedded templates

Scale up for bigger teams

Sales documents often require input from multiple individuals in sales, marketing, legal, and management. We make it easy for everyone to work together and keeps conversations and approvals centralized to each document. Different teams and team members can organize their documents in custom folders, share them, or limit access with custom workspaces, user roles, and permissions.

Spend less time on documents

Our online editor combines an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with media embedding, tokens, and pricing tables to create sales proposals and business contracts faster than ever. Start from scratch or reuse your existing local and cloud docs to create documents and templates in minutes. Every edit is autosaved and we’ll even keep your accidentally deleted blocks a week.

Get approvals faster

Does your company require approvals on business contracts or sales proposals? If so, you’ll save a ton of time when you switch to PandaDoc contract management software. Use our custom workflow features to define approval requirements, automatically send approved documents to prospects, and track documents as they’re viewed, approved, and sent.

Move deals forward

Close deals faster with auto-reminders sent to your customers on your behalf. Just customize your deals with a few clicks by adding personalized videos, testimonials, and references right from your custom content library.

Collect eSignatures

Collect legally-binding electronic signatures with our electronic signature software. You can create a proper signing order to designate who should sign and when and you can even designate signing groups.

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Stay organized

Empower your sales team with marketing content, product information, and frequently used content to make it easy for them to create accurate, compelling sales documents. Our content library allows you to create a central repository for all of the content that your sales team needs to create their proposals, quotes, and contracts. Content library, custom folders, tags, and full-text search help to organize even the highest of volumes of documents and templates easily.

Document Content Library

Easy electronic signatures

Every PandaDoc account includes electronic signatures that include individual eSignature certificates. Our eSignature technology is ESIGN and UETA compliant and work effortlessly on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. PandaDoc provides more eSignature collection features than Proposable, including signing order, signing groups, custom fields, masked fields, eSignature certificates, and more.


Use your existing docs

Like Proposable.com, we offer an online editor and a large library of pre-built proposal templates. We also make it easy to create your own templates and documents using our upload and import features or drag and drop document builder. Leverage your existing local or cloud files and convert them to editable and ready-to-send documents. Whatever option you choose, we autosave your document so you never have to worry about losing your work. Each of these features make PandaDoc the perfect option over Proposable.com.


Simplify approval workflows

Set up custom approval rules and roles that align with your internal processes. Rather than set up approval rules in Proposable user profiles, which can’t be amended easily, PandaDoc provides greater flexibility by allowing you to create unique approval rules at the template level. This functionality is extremely helpful because you can include anyone from your organization in any particular order you’d like. You can also change your rules in real time at either the template or document level, unlike Proposable.


Smarter quotes

PandaDoc quoting software allows more flexibility when generating quotes than Proposable. Create multiple sections in your pricing table with headings, totals, and subtotals. Apply taxes or discounts either to line items or to the table’s total. Better yet, generate your pricing tables automatically from Salesforce, Pipedrive or HubSpot CRM to editing and creation time.

Pricing Table

Lock down content

In addition to fast document creation, bigger teams need additional functionalities to have a successful custom proposal process. With PandaDoc proposal software you can lock specific content blocks from editing (like legal clauses, terms and conditions, etc.). You can also share frequently used templates across the same workspace, a feature that is not available with Proposable.

Document Content Locked

Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

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