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Pre-Built Templates
Custom Templates Feed-based Build your own
Upload Word Docs & PDFS
Phone/Email Support
Electronic Signature
Cloud Storage Integrations
CRM Integrations 6 15
Document Builder Text editor Drag & drop
Custom Pricing Tables
Custom Workflows
Online Collaboration

More integrations

With PandaDoc, you don’t have to bounce between tools to create or manage documents. Our integrations allow you to create, send, track, and manage your documents right inside the tools you’re using today. We integrate with all of the CRM systems that Proposable does, plus more, including Base CRM, Nutshell, SugarCRM, PipeDrive and more!

Better document creation

When you switch to PandaDoc, you’ll leave outdated notepad-like document builders in the dust and enjoy the full benefits of a 21st-century user interface. Our document creator combines an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with media embedding, automatic data sync, and customizable pricing tables to make creating proposals and contracts faster than ever.

Easier collaboration

Sales documents often require input from multiple individuals in marketing, legal, and management. PandaDoc makes it easy for everyone to work together and keeps client conversations centralized to each document instead of your inbox.

Better workflows

Does your company require approvals on contracts or proposals before clients receive them? If so, you’ll save a ton of time when you switch to PandaDoc. Use our custom workflow features to define approval requirements, automatically send approved documents to clients, and track documents as they’re reviewed, approved, and sent.

What you get when you switch to PandaDoc

Data sync from CRM

With PandaDoc, you don’t have to waste time entering the same information multiple times. When you create a document using PandaDoc inside your CRM, key client and opportunity data are automatically populated, including the client’s company, name, contact information, products, and pricing.
Data sync from CRM

Enterprise grade security

Keeping your documents safe and secure is a high priority, and we accomplish the task through an SSAE16 SOC2 compliant architecture similar to what NASDAQ and other financial institutions use to protect critical data. We use the AWS cloud for document storage and sending, which means that your documents are always safe from prying eyes.
Enterprise grade security

Custom templates

Like Proposable, we offer a large library of pre-built templates that are free to use. However, we also make it easy to create your own templates using our upload feature or drag & drop document builder. All it makes PandaDoc a really good alternative to Proposable.
Custom templates

Electronic signatures

When comparing PandaDoc vs Proposable, every PandaDoc account includes unlimited electronic signatures. Our eSignature technology is ESIGN compliant and work effortlessly on any computer, smartphone, or tablet.
Electronic signatures

Content management

Empower your sales team with marketing content, product information, and frequently used content to make it easy for them to create accurate, compelling documents. Our content library allows you to create a central repository for all of the content that your team needs to create their documents.
Content management

Document analytics

Know when and how to engage with your clients with PandaDoc analytics. After you send a document, PandaDoc analytics tell you when the document was viewed, and how long the recipient interacted with each page. Company leadership gains a deeper insight into every sales opportunity through a central dashboard that tracks the status of every document you’ve sent.
Document analytics

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