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Users switching from SurveySparrow to PandaDoc will enjoy powerful form and survey creation options, as well as advanced document creation tools.

Form creation tools
Survey and form templates
Custom template creation
Unlimited questions
HTML / CSS embedding
Native integrations
Custom branding
File upload
Mobile app
Zapier integrations
Data export
Workflow options
Feedback collection toolsLimited
24/7/365 support
Unlimited responses and shares
NPS survey and scoring tools
Conditional and display logic
Chatbot tools
Variables and hidden fields
Conditional and skip logic
Form webhook and API access
Approval workflows
Payment gateway
Analytics and trackingLimited
Electronic signatures
Content library
Document creation tools

Powerful form creation tools

Both PandaDoc Forms and SurveySparrow offer a wide variety of form creation tools for your business. Using either tool, it’s possible to create an online survey to gain insights that power your customer experience. However, as you’ll see below, PandaDoc takes everything to the next level by providing tools to help you do something with the respondent data that you collect.

Intuitive data collection

Everyone knows that your survey and forms need to be intuitive if you want to see high completion rates. Both companies help you do this by offering form and survey tools that are flexible and easy to manipulate. SurveySparrow focuses heavily on customer success by offering specialized tools to complement the highly popular Net Promoter Score (NPS) system. While PandaDoc isn’t as heavily focused in that area, you’ll find all the tools you need to create conversational surveys and useful forms that will help your business thrive.

Embed, send, and share

How do you collect feedback with your surveys and forms? Both PandaDoc and SurveySparrow allow you to embed forms on your website or send links to survey respondents via email. You could even post a website link on social media to share surveys and drive traffic. From email shares to embedded links for HTML/CSS, both companies have you covered.

Pricing options for survey software

While we won’t get into too many specifics on pricing, we can say that SurveySparrow offers a much wider range of pricing options than PandaDoc or any of its other competitors. But this isn’t necessarily a good thing. There are multiple plans to pick from, with prices ranging from $0 to thousands of dollars per month. With PandaDoc, pricing is simple and straightforward. PandaDoc Forms are included as part of our Business plan, which gives you access to our entire suite of content creation tools.

24/365/7 customer support at no additional cost

Need support? If you pay SurveySparrow enough, you can get email and chat support as part of your plan. With PandaDoc, you’ll never have to worry about access. We offer chat support to every customer on our platform, no matter what plan they use. Simply use the chat logo in your PandaDoc account to get your question answers in record time.

Do more with your market research

More than a survey platform

While there is no doubt that SurveySparrow is a powerful experience management platform, it doesn’t give you many tools to follow through with the data you collect. Using PandaDoc, you can easily create customizable proposals, contracts, quotes, and other sales documentation that you need to increase your business revenue. Don’t just take your data offline and never look at it again! Use PandaDoc to create documentation that is easy to modify based on customer feedback.

Mobile - App

Document creation made easy

One of the key areas where PandaDoc shines is in ease of use. All of our document creation tools are the same, which means that formatting new documents is easier than ever. The same tools you use to create surveys and forms are also used for proposals and contracts. Everything flows through our drag and drop interface, so even basic users can get started without problems.

Design Styles

Flexible content placement

Whether you’re building your first survey or hundredth proposal, you may need to tweak the language, layout, and placement of your content to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. With a software tool like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, changing layouts can be a painful experience. With PandaDoc, changing things around is easy because our editor creates everything in a block format that is easy to move around. Drag and drop to move blocks around and reshape the content in an order that makes the most sense to your customers.

Employee Onboarding

Gather document analytics

Need to see how your documents are performing? While SurveySparrow will let you integrate with Google Analytics to track form performance, PandaDoc automatically gathers analytic data based on how users interact with your documents. See how much time users spend on each page of your documents before then sign off or complete them. Use those insights to optimize your content for maximum impact.

Analytics Transition Time

Electronic signatures for every document

No matter your company size, electronic signatures are critical to your success when sending digital documents.  SurveySparrow doesn’t offer any e-signing options on their conversational forms and surveys. With PandaDoc, e-signatures are an option on everything from proposals to online forms. Capture legally binding electronic signatures where they matter most and keep your business operations above board.


Improved workflows and content automation

Document creation can be a time-consuming process. If you’re looking for automation tools to speed up your workflow, PandaDoc has you covered. Using our creation tools, you can save blocks of content to your content library and reuse those blocks across multiple documents. No more copy/pasting. Our automation tools transform content creation into a plug-and-play process.

Flow Finance

Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

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