How do I electronically sign Google Forms?

Google Forms currently doesn’t provide a way to electronically sign a Google Doc or have an add-on that can be used to add an e-signature.

Since e-signatures are used daily to sign forms it would make sense for Google Forms to add electronic signatures because users can access their Google accounts from anywhere. 

With PandaDoc’s new integration feature, you will soon be able to sign documents with PandaDoc and then seamlessly send your e-signature to your Google document.

How to electronically sign or give consent in Google Forms 

There is no easy way to add an electronic signature in Google Forms because there is no electronic signature feature and you can’t get add-ons to insert your signature.  

Some users will allow clients to type their initials and accept the signed document as a digital signature alternative, however, this raises issues about legitimacy. 

Without a valid time and date stamp, it will be difficult to enforce the signature. 

How secure are Google Forms?‌

With users creating their own way to accept electronic signatures, important elements of the U.S. ESIGN Act and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) are ignored. 

Consequently, issues arise because signers can’t back out of contact or claim that they didn’t understand what they were signing. 

There’s no record to specify how the signature was created, nor was any text or graphic added to prove your document was signed with an electronic signature.

When compliance standards are not met, signers can back out of contracts or make claims against the validity of a document. 

While there are ways to add electronic signatures to Google Docs to comply with the Federal ESIGN Act of 2000, this may pose a bit of a problem.

Under this act, your electronic signature is defined as “an electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.”

Because this means that your electronic signature doesn’t have to resemble a handwritten signature at all, your electronic signature can easily be forged.

This is why companies prefer more secure versions of e-signatures. Software companies use add-ons compatible with Google Docs to allow clients to insert signatures with these encryption standards.

These add-on services provide clear audit trails and traceable lines of ownership of digital signatures.

How to ensure your e-signature is valid‌

Since there is no way to add an e-signature field, signing a Google Docs document is not the best choice to ensure safety. 

If you want to ensure that your e-signature is enforceable you should choose a form provider that can integrate with the e-signature platform of your choice.

However, you may not need the added security if you are signing a document like a school permission slip. 

Your e-signature is valid when it’s embedded into an electronic form. Places like doctors’ offices and schools use paid software that includes these features, otherwise, they would face great liability. 

It’s up to you to determine what level of security you need when signing your documents, but it does help to err on the side of caution and sign your document with more protected measures so its validity can be proven.

There are many e-signature widgets that businesses can embed into their forms depending on their preference. 

How to integrate PandaDoc with Google Forms

To overcome the obstacle that Google has created, you will soon be able to integrate PandaDoc with Google Forms to send info between the two apps whenever you receive a signature request.

You can live a paperless life by connecting Google Forms and PandaDoc with Zapier.

Sign documents with PandaDoc and then seamlessly send the info from Google Forms to PandaDoc without using any code. 

Zapier allows you to create documents and add content in PandaDoc based on triggers.

You can then automatically transfer new Google Forms entries to other apps. Your new signature will then appear in your Google Form. 

Currently, PandaDoc provides two basic methods to get your Google Docs signed depending on whether you need a standard electronic signature or a more secure digital signature.

You can either use the Google Docs drawing tool or use the PandaDoc Google Docs add-on. 

1. Using the Google Docs drawing tool 

To use the Google Docs drawing tool, you will need to insert a drawing into your Google Doc.

You can reuse your hand-drawn signature without having to redraw it, which may be helpful if you need to sign multiple documents.

You will be able to use the embedded signature when you make a copy of the document with the embedded signature.

Keep in mind that this method lacks the legal effect we mentioned earlier, though.

2. Using PandaDoc as an add-on‌

PandaDoc allows you to add your digital signature to Google Docs without opening any new windows, tabs, or apps. You can use the add-on feature in Google Docs to add your e-signature. 

The add-on method provides a more legally binding solution because it automatically creates a signed certificate with the time and date of the signature.

You can then forward this information to the original sender along with your signed document. 

All you have to do is upload your Google Doc from your hard drive or Dropbox or add a new file. Connect your PandaDoc account with Google by following these easy steps

Once set-up is complete, you can add your electronic signature and tracking to any Google Doc anytime you need. 

Sign forms with PandaDoc

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