Is DocuSign free?

While DocuSign does offer a free option, you’ll still have to pay to get access to its most advanced features. 

In this article, we explore what the free version of DocuSign looks like, compare it to the paid-for product, and examine some of the best DocuSign alternatives.

Is there a free version of DocuSign?

DocuSign is a tool you can use to digitally sign documents, and it’s available in a range of different pricing tiers.

For example, if you only want to sign a single file, you can use it for free and without even creating an account. So you might get all you need from DocuSign free vs. paid.

By creating an account, however, you get access to more features without having to pay for them.

These include saving documents, which means you can keep a log of any contracts or agreements you’ve signed. 

If you want even more features, though, you’ll have to bite the bullet and sign up for the paid version.

This allows you to send three-plus documents a month and also integrate DocuSign’s software into your workflows.

What do you get with DocuSign’s free tier? (Key features)

DocuSign’s free tier includes enough basic electronic signature software features for it to be handy for most personal users. Here’s what you can do with it. 

Sign an unlimited amount of documents

There’s no restriction on the number of documents you can sign with the free version.

Request signatures for up to three documents a month

You can also send up to three documents a month for signing. 

Use the DocuSign app

By creating a free account, you can install the DocuSign mobile app to sign documents from anywhere.

Use DocuSign’s cloud storage

You’ll also be able to store documents in the cloud if you want to access them later.

Does DocuSign have a free trial for its paid plan?

DocuSign pricing includes a range of different paid plans, with Personal, Standard, and Business Pro tiers. You can get a free trial of these plans, which allows you to access them for 30 days. 

After that, you have to pay, which starts at $10 a month, if you sign up for the cheapest option on an annual deal.

DocuSign price list

The DocuSign price list is very simple.

eSignature plans:

  • Personal (Single User) – $10/month
  • Standard – $25/month
  • Business Pro – $40/month

Discounts are available for customers who decide to take out an annual subscription.

What other eSignature solutions offer free plans?

A lot of eSignature software requires you to sign up for a paid plan before you can use it.

Adobe Acrobat Sign, for instance, will cost you at least $12.99 a month.

That’s not to say there aren’t other free eSignature solutions, however, and probably the best free option is PandaDoc. 

PandaDoc’s free plan allows you to send up to five documents per month.

You’re also able to access a wider suite of document preparation and signing features. 

Comparing PandaDoc vs. Docusign shows how many more features are offered by the latter.

Is there a free alternative to DocuSign?

With so many eSignature solutions only offering paid plans, it’s no surprise that most of us turn to DocuSign as a cheaper option (you can read our Docusign review to see how we rate it). 

However, if you’re on the hunt for DocuSign alternatives, the best choice is PandaDoc.

Its free tier includes more features than DocuSign and is also minus any limits on the amount of envelopes you can send. 

Why not try it for yourself today?