Big news at PandaDoc! Some of you may or may not have noticed but we’ve recently rolled out our very own document builder. You can now easily create your own templates from scratch through our site using the document builder or if you plan on downloading one of the professional templates we’ve already provided, you will be directed to our document builder version that’s practically set and ready to be sent out.

Here’s how it works if you use one of our business templates:

  1. After logging in to the site, click “Get This Template” on the specific template you want to use.

  1. The template will show up in our document builder which will be automatically and conveniently saved as a draft in your “Documents” folder. Signature and date fields have already been added for your convenience, but you can change the “Roles” and rename “Company” or “Customer,” in this particular instance, to your own company name and your customer’s company name.

  1. Our template missing a little something extra or personal that you need in your contract? We have additional content blocks that you can effortlessly add.

Use blocks to add new headings and blocks of text as well as images and even generate a table of contents.

Use the fields to add additional signature blocks, check boxes, or initialing spots on the document.

Our tokens allow you to replace the placeholder text with your own text and values to personalize your document.

  1. Hit “Create doc” when you are ready to fill out the customizable tokens and get ready to send your document. It’s really that simple.

On sale forever!

New pricing at PandaDoc is now in effect. We’ve kept our free plan and have adjusted our Business and Enterprise plans, which are nearly half the price of the competitors on a per-user-per-month basis. Find out which plan is best for your business!

iPad news

In case you missed the news a couple of months ago, we launched the beautiful PandaDoc iPad app, which was featured in the Apple Store as one of the best new apps for business.

Another cool little iPad app feature addition to get excited about: the document scanner! Let’s say you’ve been mailed a pesky paper contract to sign. You can now take a picture of the document using the camera on your iPad. It will scan the document, allow you to add signature blocks and send out. It will literally be the only time you use the iPad to take a picture and not feel super awkward about it. And think of all the people you’ll help convert to paperless by showing off your tech savviness.