Agency agreement template by Lantern

Impress clients with this solution-focused agency agreement template that concentrates on marketing management, active campaigns, and website creation strategies. This template will set you apart from competitors by focusing on the story behind each company and the specialized marketing services you can offer.

What is an agency agreement template?

An agency agreement template that is carefully planned and well-written is the best tool you have to land clients and show them you can provide the solutions they need. 

The agency agreement template by Lantern is based on the StoryBrand Marketing Framework. This method helps create a plan after extensive research into the story behind your prospective client. During the StoryBrand process, it is essential to get the client to expand upon their story in order to get the client to reveal their most problematic issues and work toward marketing solutions together.

Lantern takes another interesting marketing approach by focusing on the negatives that companies grapple with. For example, by acknowledging that “marketing is complicated,” Lantern puts the client at ease and makes them more comfortable in what could be unfamiliar territory. At that point, the client is more receptive to an offer of innovative, unparalleled solutions presented in short, clear, and concise terms.

What is an agency agreement template used for?

The agency agreement template is used to set out the contractual arrangements between your agency and your prospective clients. This template is designed to help your company focus on nailing its sales pitch and building winning sales funnels. This particular template is unique in using the StoryBrand Marketing Framework as the core of the agency agreement.

The template breaks down a successful marketing plan by focusing on a solid foundation of messaging, strategy, logos, and visual brand. This flows into the plans for the design and management of a client’s website, including copywriting, lead magnets, automated emails, and successful sales funnels.

This template goes further than most agency agreements by including very specific details related to the available options for levels of service. It describes how you plan to provide a solution and carefully uses fine print and clauses to alert clients of terms and conditions related to available services.

These management and service details are critical when working with non-profits or any company with limited marketing budgets.

Can you use PandaDoc’s eSignature on your agency agreement?

The answer is yes, definitely. But it’s more than just a signature. 

PandaDoc’s powerful eSignature software is “complete with all the bells, whistles, fine print, and clauses” that your comprehensive agency agreement demands. 

Clients are empowered to digitally eSign your agency agreement from anywhere in the world and on any device, whether it’s a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The eSignatures are unlimited, time-stamped, and legally binding for both parties.

As an added bonus, PandaDoc’s eSignature software also provides a means of monitoring the instant that prospective clients open, view, comment, or eSign your agency agreement.

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