Employment Agreement Template for Casual Employees by Envision

Your casual employees add value to your business, and it’s important that they respect the workplace as well. Start your employment relationship off right with a clear statement of their rights and responsibilities. This up-to-date employment agreement template by Envision Digital will lead the way.

What is an employment agreement template for casual employees used for?

‌An employment agreement for casual employees addresses all aspects of the relationship that matter to you and your workers. For example, in Australia, casual workers receive a higher rate of pay than regular workers, to compensate them for the lack of paid leave and other perks. (In Australia, this is called “loading,” and it’s required under Australia’s Fair Work Act.) Your agreement can reinforce this higher rate as well as outline hours worked, time off (even without pay), breaks, and even what happens when the employee is called for jury service.  

You can also detail safety-related issues, code of conduct, and guidelines for computer access. The template provides you with the flexibility to address confidentiality requirements, grounds for termination, notice expectations for employees wishing to resign, and more.

‌An employment agreement for casual employees defines the legal relationship between the parties. If one party believes that the other has violated the agreement, it could be used as evidence in a court in a lawsuit for breach of contract or an employment-based claim. 

That’s why it’s important to have a clear, well-written document. This template, which can be tailored to meet your specific needs, can help ensure that you do.

‌Can you use eSignature for an employment agreement for casual employees?

‌‌Yes. Electronic signatures are legally binding for casual employment contracts. PandaDoc’s eSignature software makes the hiring process simpler. You can email the candidate so they can execute the document electronically anywhere, from any device.

When you use eSignature along with full-service employee onboarding software, you’ll help ensure you get the best talent quickly without needing to take up more valuable time from your human resource professionals. PandaDoc’s eSignature solution is a dependable and efficient way to ensure employers stay competitive in the hiring market.

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