Homeowner Proposal by Brennan Enterprises

Use this template for a free homeowner proposal by Brennan Enterprises to help you create a proposal for home improvement, remodeling, or construction work for your residential customers.

What is a homeowner proposal?

Home improvement company Brennan Enterprises, which provides a range of exterior home improvement services for homeowners, uses the homeowner proposal template as a source of information for its customers and a contract for the work to be performed.

What should a homeowner proposal include?

A homeowner proposal tells the customer about the company — in this case, including a picture of Brennan’s staff, a personal letter to the customer from the company founder, and key details about Brennan’s experience in the industry — in an easy-to-read format.

The homeowner proposal also includes fields to input the following key pieces of information:

  • Customer contact information
  • Scope of the work‌
  • Work timeline
  • Cost of the work
  • Product specifications 
  • Payment terms‌
  • Legal notices
  • Signature blocks for the customer and a company representative 

Who needs to complete a homeowner proposal?

A representative from the company will fill in the details about the customer seeking home improvement services and the scope of work and sign the document. The customer then needs to review the form, and if the proposal is accepted, the customer should sign it as well.

What is a homeowner proposal used for?

‌A homeowner proposal is used to create a contract between a company and its customers. This homeowner proposal template includes standard terms for all of the work the company performs — from payment terms to product specifications — and provides fields to input material terms specific to each customer, such as price and the scope of work. 

The template by Brennan also informs the customer about Brennan’s business and experience in the industry so the customer can feel confident in the quality of work Brennan will perform. 

‌Should you use a template to create a homeowner proposal?

‌If you regularly perform home improvement, remodeling, or construction work, you should use a template for your proposals. A template provides a consistent, professionally designed document featuring company branding and details to inspire customer confidence. A template makes it easy for company representatives without any legal training to create a contract with terms that are standard and consistent with company policies. You can be sure that all material terms are included and that both you and the customer have a clear understanding of the scope of the work.

Can you use eSignature on your homeowner proposal?

PandaDoc eSignature software allows you to email homeowner proposals to your customers so they can complete the forms electronically. They can sign from anywhere, on any device. 

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