Media Kit Template by Doggie Designer

Make a powerful first impression with this sleek and informative media kit template from Doggie Designer. It’s one of the most effective promotional templates in PandaDoc’s Community Gallery.

What is a media kit template used for? 

Doggie Designer‘s media kit template describes what your company does and, most importantly, what it can do for others by including both the big picture and smaller details of how your company functions. In doing so, it’s used to acquire new clients, develop a larger media presence, and increase support from financial backers.

The following four template slides guide you through a series of questions about the company’s background, brand promise and values, credibility, and visualizations of a target audience, products, and services, allowing you to showcase the company’s most influential aspects. Readers walk away more knowledgeable and assured than before. 

Can you use PandaDoc’s eSignature on your media kit template? 

With the right media kit template, you can take promoting your company to the next level — one that stands out from all competitors. Doggie Designer knows what that’s all about — its template incorporates all the best elements of a media kit template in an easy-to-use format. 

Moreover, this media kit template is compatible with PandaDoc’s eSignature Software. You can authenticate your company introduction and promotion by incorporating an eSignature at the end of your media kit presentation. Including this as part of your introduction will establish you as an authoritative and professional business in the industry, and PandaDoc is here to help. 

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