Mobile Development Proposal Template by Konnect Digital

Mobile development proposals never looked better than with this stunning customizable template from Konnect Digital. With its original design, imagery, structure, and style, this proposal template is one of PandaDoc’s most awesome customer templates ever made.

What is the mobile development proposal template used for?

This template allows creators to present a project overview using an easily identifiable method. It is used for individualized proposals tailored to each idea and specific to each potential client.

You can describe your mobile project idea or concept using a broad description that will fall into place seamlessly once the prospective client sees your mobile development proposal as outlined in this template.

First, you will break the proposal down into specific manageable pieces. Start with the project goals of your proposal and glide into its future potential. Later, discuss the problem and follow with a solution. The template ends with an exploration of risks and challenges.

As your client list grows, you can take great pride in customizing each proposal to meet the needs of prospective clients. Using this Konnect Digital template, you will be able to reveal the value of the development process itself and help clients understand how an app can start from one idea and transform itself into a high-performing business.

Can you use PandaDoc’s eSignature on your mobile development proposal?

Absolutely. PandaDoc’s eSignature software is as “intuitive as it is compliant, complete with all the bells, whistles, fine print, and clauses” that your mobile development proposal document needs.

It’s not just for signatures. Get updates right away with detailed document notifications that tell you the minute a client opens, views, comments on, or eSigns your proposal documents.

PandaDoc’s eSignature technology gives your mobile development prospect the power to digitally sign your proposal form in seconds, from any location and on any device — be it a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone — with unlimited, time-stamped, legally binding eSignatures.

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