Proposal Template by Alice&Bob.Company

Win contracts with this proposal template by Alice&Bob.Company. Convince clients with an effective introduction to your company and a detailed plan to resolve their pain points.

What is a proposal template?

A proposal template streamlines the task of crafting a business proposal. Each proposal needs to introduce your company and let clients know what you can do for them. This template by Alice&Bob.Company outlines crucial sections, details the company’s value proposition, and helps convert prospects.

The ideal proposal template should do three basic things:

  • Let clients know why they should work with your company. Your proposal needs to remind clients of their pain points, or why they need to work with anyone at all. It should also explain why your company’s the best option.
  • Outline the services or deliverables your company provides. Your prospective client has a problem and your company has the solution. Your proposal needs to let them know how you can improve their life or business by demonstrating your service portfolio.
  • Explain how you will approach the proposed project or business relationship. What can the client expect if they choose to work with your company? Give them a project overview that outlines your process and specifies costs.

What is this proposal template used for?

This proposal template is designed to simplify and streamline the process of creating a business proposal to present to prospective clients. Instead of laboring over each new proposal for every client, Alice&Bob.Company put its reputation for tech-savvy innovation to work in both the content and stylish design of this template, allowing you to benefit from their expertise as well as your own.

Using this proposal template guarantees flexibility, consistency, and quality as you input the details of each new business deal. Move between projects or between teams with ease, confident that everyone’s on the same page. You can also be sure that you’re handing over a well-written and professional-looking document on time.

As you enter in the details of a specific business proposal, you can easily include your strongest material from past proposals by selecting language that has a proven record of success. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel once you have something that rolls along smoothly.

Can you use eSignature on your proposal?

No matter how good your business proposal is, the deal isn’t done until your client signs on the dotted line. PandaDoc makes the process quick, easy, and secure by allowing clients to add their signature to your business proposal with a simple drag-and-drop. When they do, PandaDoc saves a copy of the document to a secure server and generates a time-stamped signature certificate.

After you email your business proposals, customers can complete and sign electronically from any device in any location, making it pretty easy for your clients to accept your offer on the spot without delay.

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