Quote Template by Kitchen Art Design

Help your clients read and sign off on quotes by using this classic quote template from KAD. Increase your closing rate and reaffirm your brand with an in-depth quote document.

What is a quote template?

Kitchen Art Design has provided customers with custom kitchens and custom quotes for more than 30 years. The company understands the work that goes into the process, so it built an informative and thorough quote template.

KAD‘s quote template gives potential clients quotes on their new kitchen and provides them with the company’s history and experience. It acts as both a legal document and a final element of the sales process. This encourages hesitant customers to commit to the renovation in a way that standard quote templates don’t.

In general, a quote template is a predesigned document that can be filled in with a specific customer’s information and quotes. It should cover critical details about a contract and include a signature area to finalize the agreement.

When you use a template, you avoid wasting resources creating new documents from scratch. You can provide engaging quotes in minutes, which saves time and increases your closing rate simultaneously.

What is a quote template used for?

Quote templates help your potential clients understand the scope and price of a project. You can use the template to provide information and confirm a legally binding contract. 

The first half of KAD‘s template is a well-designed overview of the project’s pricing, terms, and conditions. The rest of the document is dedicated to offering information about the company in general. It makes use of multimedia elements and auto-populating fields, showing that the company understands modern customers.

You can use quote templates like this to make sure your customers have all the information they need. The auto-populating fields mean you’ll never miss a vital form element. You can generate a quote in minutes by filling in the template with pre-gathered information.

When there’s no delay in sending out quotes, you’re more likely to close deals. More importantly, your sales staff can smoothly move from one lead to the next with fewer administrative tasks. That lets them bring in more customers with less work. 

Can you use eSignature on your quotes?

The most crucial element of a quote is the customer signature field — eSignatures are a great way to speed up the turnaround time on your quotes. 

That’s why KAD used PandaDoc’s eSignature software in its quote template. You don’t need to print and mail a quote and wait for it to be shipped back. Instead, you can send potential customers an online form and get a response immediately. 

PandaDoc’s eSignature software is connected to the cloud. When you send a quote, the customer can see it anywhere, on any device, and sign it right away. It’s as easy as sending an email and less likely to get lost or forgotten. Improve your entire document workflow today by using great templates like this one. 

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