Sales Proposal by Ticket IT

Ticket-IT’s impressive and educational sales proposal makes every client’s needs the priority while encouraging them to consider proactive, web-based solutions. It’s one of the most informative and video-propelled templates in PandaDoc’s Community Library.

What is a sales proposal template? 

A sales proposal template is a means of getting a client to consider their needs and available options. It explores a client’s business demands as well as necessities while simultaneously providing them with immediately viable solutions they may have never considered. 

Ticket-IT was the first web-based retail ticketing solution in the world. This diverse, 8-year-old company was designed to create innovative, in-store ticketing processes for companies in countries around the globe. Based primarily in New Zealand, Ticket-IT offers worldwide business opportunities with translations in seven languages. 

Ticket-IT’s sales proposal template focuses on how efficient and effective a company’s products and services can be in arriving at the final goal: the conversion of sales. Using bold fuschia-like colors and instructional videos throughout, this template offers each client an idea of what their own company could aspire to if they used the products and services you offer.

What is a sales proposal template used for?

A sales proposal template is used for presenting all the information needed to convert prospects into paying clients. At a minimum, prospective clients will have the opportunity to request a trial of the presented software. With a 60 to 75% conversion rate, this sales proposal template is undeniably effective.

The main overarching objective is to present the sales proposal to company representatives who then communicate the features and benefits of Ticket-IT to their colleagues. Prospective clients are reassured that the time and investment needed to learn a new process can be incredibly beneficial for their company.

To generate interactive interest and attention, this sales proposal template uses memorable and inspiring videos designed to provide added information on topics that may be critical to address the needs and concerns of each client. 

The goal is to deliver a presentation that leaves the prospective client with as much information as possible and simultaneously reduces the number of presentations required. This Ticket-IT sales proposal template consists of the following essential elements:

  1. Clearly defines the proposal
  2. Adds value to the proposition
  3. Helps in the decision-making process

Can you use PandaDoc’s eSignature on your sales proposal?

Based in the cloud, this sales proposal template offers digitally secure documents that showcase speed, accuracy, reporting and compliance, and automation. It’s also 100% compatible with PandaDoc’s eSignature software.

Your expertise and credibility will be bolstered by the ability to instantly know when a prospective client opens, views, and eSigns your sales proposal. With time-stamped, legally binding eSignatures, a client can digitally sign your proposal on any device — their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

PandaDoc’s powerful eSignature technology works from any geographical location in mere seconds. With PandaDoc, you can “sign documents wherever life takes you, whether it’s an office or a beach halfway around the world.”

Ticket-IT Instore Ticketing

The complexity of point of sale ticketing processes can be simplified quickly and easily with Ticket-IT. With an automated and streamlined ticketing process, all you need to do is focus on the promotion and the conversion of your sale.