Website Development Proposal & Agreement Template by Aelieve

Send proposals and get them approved faster than ever before when you use Aelieve’s Website Development Proposal and Agreement template. Drag and drop details that are unique to your customers, update the text to be relevant to your company, and send a professional-looking website development proposal in a matter of minutes.

What is a Website Development Proposal and Agreement template? 

A Website Development Proposal and Agreement template is used to simultaneously propose your services to a potential customer and get them to sign off on your proposed pricing quote. Using a template increases your brand’s efficiency. 

Crafting a proposal and getting it signed off on by your clients takes less time than ever before. This end-to-end efficiency increase allows you to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time designing beautiful, professional-looking websites your clients will love. 

A Website Development Proposal and Agreement template is different from an initial proposal template. It leans more into outlining pricing and solidifying client relations than outlining the services offered and is best used after an initial phone call with a client. The goal of this document is to turn a potential customer into a current customer and begin working on designing their website. 

What is Aelieve’s Website Development Proposal and Agreement template used for? 

Aelieve’s Website Development Proposal and Agreement template is a sleek, modern-looking Website Development Proposal and Agreement template that you can use to show your customers that you understand today’s design elements and can meet their needs with your website design services. 

This template is best used when you’ve already discussed your services with a prospective client and are at the point of reeling them in the rest of the way by collecting their signature. It starts with a personalized note to your client, followed by an easy-to-read pricing estimate, the terms of service, and a place for your new client to sign. 

High contrast black-on-white design elements and sans serif fonts make this template easy to read and understand. Your clients will be able to easily locate the most pertinent information, review your proposal, and agree to your pricing estimate in a flash. 

How does PandaDoc’s eSignature tool integrate with this template? 

The goal of this template is not just to showcase your services, but also to get a potential client to agree to the services you’ve proposed. PandaDoc’s eSignature tool allows your clients to sign off on your proposal as soon as they’ve reviewed it. Using any device, from any location, your clients can sign your proposal with the touch of a fingertip. 

Your brand is notified as soon as the proposal is updated with this signature, so you can begin designing the website of their dreams as soon as possible. The result is a more efficient business process that will benefit both you and your clients.

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