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Top Features

The PandaDoc document builder will revolutionize the way you create sales documents. The drag and drop interface makes it easy to add, delete, and reposition any document element in seconds without leaving SalesforceIQ. You’ll be able to add any content item to your proposals in seconds, thanks to the built in content library. The PandaDoc document builder also supports custom themes and backgrounds, so you can make sure your documents follow your company’s visual guidelines.

PandaDoc templates are the key to reducing document creation time, increasing accuracy, and ensuring consistency across every document. You can upload Word and PDF documents and convert them to templates, or use the PandaDoc document builder to build custom templates from scratch. Your templates are fully accessible within SalesforceIQ, giving you the ability to create detailed documents using templates right inside your opportunities.

PandaDoc document analytics give you access to key data that will help you manage your pipeline and opportunities. Use the main dashboard to see where every document you’ve sent is at a glance, and dive into individual document analytics to see who’s viewed your documents, when they’ve viewed them, and how long they’ve viewed each page. PandaDoc analytics are visible within any SalesforceIQ opportunity, making it easier than ever to keep deals moving forward.

Data Sync between Salesforce IQ and PandaDoc automates document creation, saving you time and preventing mistakes. Data from contacts and opportunities is automatically added when you use a properly configured PandaDoc template, including customer contact information, your company information, and product details.


Who Uses PandaDoc for SalesforceIQ

Small business owners

Don’t spend hours at your desk creating, editing, and sending proposals or contracts. PandaDoc saves you time so you can get back to running your business.

Smart sales reps

Adding PandaDoc to SalesforceIQ allows today’s sales reps to work smarter by spending less time in the office dealing with documents and more time out closing deals and finding new customers.

Legal Counsel

Tired of emailing contracts back and forth to make sure that your company is protected before you sign? PandaDoc makes it easy for sales reps to collaborate with legal counsel to create, edit, and sign contracts faster.


PandaDoc is built on the same AES-256 encryption that enterprise organizations and financial institutions around the world rely on to protect their intellectual property. PandaDoc data centers (handled by Amazon AWS) are state of the art, utilizing innovative architectural and engineering approaches. Our cloud servers are the same ones used by NASA, J.P. Morgan Chase, and NASDAQ! Learn more


PandaDoc delivers more value per dollar than any other document automation software on the market. Our business plan is perfect for small businesses using SalesforceIQ and includes unlimited documents, templates, and eSignatures. You won’t have to spend money on expensive consultants- most small businesses are able to get PandaDoc up and running in less than a day!

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