Sell Like A Psycho(Therapist)

Sell Like A Psycho(Therapist)

The ultimate guide for mastering psychological sales techniques.

PandaDoc is here to help you harness your inner Freud. Or Jung, or Rogers, or whomever you like in Psychology. 

If salespeople need to be such good listeners, could their skillset most resemble that of a psychotherapist? 

Hear us out!

If we subtract the sweater vests and the leather sofas and focus on the need for advanced interpersonal skills, like empathic listening and adaptive influencing, it’s clear that the most effective salespeople and therapists actually look a lot alike.

The modern salesperson is more than just a quota-crushing machine. They’re in the business of helping and healing, too. Sales is so much more humanistic than the trade gets credit for. 

This eBook will help you adopt and adapt sales psychology techniques like unconditional positive regard and cognitive restructuring, typically used by therapists for counseling, but will make YOU a much more effective salesperson… and maybe even a better person overall?!

Disclaimer #1:

We’re not licensed or practicing clinical psychologists. To all our therapists out there, we understand this article might grossly oversimplify the complexity and delicate nuances of your trade — feel free to poke holes in our claims and offer suggestions.

Disclaimer #2:

For all our salespeople, we realize you’re not out here trying to treat chronic, debilitating psychopathologies — although it may feel like it sometimes. We understand there are revenue forecasts and complex sales metrics everyone’s looking to meet.