PandaDoc for Construction

PandaDoc for Construction

It’s estimated that up to 57% of construction companies are already using software to manage contracts and organize their business.

When using PandaDoc, companies are able to cut their proposal creation time in half and drive an 87% increase in completed proposals per month.

With eSignature, Notary, and construction templates all in one place, you’re able to shift your focus from paperwork to bidding on more projects.

Download our Ultimate Guide to Building Bids and Agreements with PandaDoc for a deep dive on:

• Boosting your close rate with real-time insights

• Expediting agreements with online notarization

• Adding built-in eSignature software to each document

If you’re ready to get started with a bid or agreement, you can easily get started with our library of free templates below:

Once you’ve mastered building construction bids and agreements at scale, explore a free trial to dive into additional helpful tools such as PandaDoc Notary.