Marketing Study: Jasper AI

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Sr. Digital Content Producer @ PandaDoc

Cat Lim

Cat Lim Freelance Art Director & Designer ✨ Adjunct Professor

Kaylie Burchardt

Kaylie Burchardt Manager, Campaigns @PandaDoc

Learn from 3 marketers who did a free trial of Jasper AI. Is the powerful and popular artificial intelligence tool for writing and content marketing worth the investment? Our marketers think so!

Also, get a brief history of Jasper AI and its founders. See examples of projects made with Jasper AI and determine if it’s worth it to swap from ChatGPT.

Also, our marketers do a brief roundtable share of “Marketing Made Me Buy It!” A fun segment that highlights effective marketing campaigns that were engaging enough to make our panelists buy buy buy!

🔑 Key Takeaways 🔑

🟢 Marketing campaigns that effectively incorporate humor and follow through with their branding can be more appealing to customers.

🟢 Nespresso’s marketing strategy, including social media marketing and personalized ads, can successfully attract and retain customers.

🟢 Resort Pass offers a unique service that allows customers to enjoy the amenities of luxury resorts without booking a room.

🟢 Jasper AI provides a streamlined and user-friendly experience, with the ability to generate content for various purposes.

🟢 The art generation feature of Jasper AI may need improvement, as the results can be distorted and not match the intended reference.

📚 Chapters 📚

0:01:17 Cat buys a basic driver improvement course

0:04:18 Cat compares different comedy driving course websites.

0:07:14 Kaylie gets influenced by TikTok videos to buy a Nespresso

0:15:07 Discussion on using Resort Pass to stay at luxury resorts

0:20:13 Overview of Jasper AI’s history and pivots

0:27:22 Cat shares her experience using Jasper for social media posts.

0:29:37 Cat’s attempt to use Jasper for a visual mood board.

0:32:01 Cat loves the streamlined functionality of Jasper

0:33:35 Observations about Jasper’s website

0:35:22 Jasper’s differentiation from chat GPT

0:35:22 Introducing Jasper, an AI app for content creation

0:37:11 Feedback on using Jasper and trial experience

0:38:17 Exploring Jasper’s template section

0:39:10 Using Jasper to explain what PandaDoc is

0:39:36 Reviewing the output from Jasper’s explanation

0:39:52 Jasper needs an “explain it to me like a child” feature