6 ways to keep sales reps focused & winning from home

6 ways to keep sales reps focused & winning from home

Our speakers

Jim Donovan VP of Global Sales, PandaDoc

Travis Tyler Content Marketing, PandaDoc

Emily Vince Product Marketing, Zendesk

Josh Bean Product Marketing, Zendesk

After hitting the halfway mark of 2020, teams are really feeling the weight of work/life/health balance.

Maintaining focus during this time is a serious challenge we address with tactics, tools, and personal stories in our joint webinar with Zendesk.

Join the product and sales leaders from Zendesk and PandaDoc as they share best practices and resources to help you be productive, resilient, and agile, so you can focus on what really matters: conversations, connections, and customers.

In this 45-min round table discussion, you’ll learn how to:

  • Adjust to new buying behaviors and limitations
  • Collaborate remotely with other teams to get deals across the line faster
  • Streamline conversations to stay connected with customers
  • Ensure you have an efficient sales technology stack in place for digital adoption
  • Give reps more control over processes to inform independent decision-making