Insurance proposal software from PandaDoc

Create stunning proposals your clients love. Our fully-paperless software solution gives you the tools you need to drive more sales, reduce errors, and streamline workflows across the whole organization.

Why PandaDoc?

Here’s how our insurance proposal software helps to achieve superior results

Stunning insurance proposals

Create beautiful proposals in hours rather than days or weeks, saving time and cutting down on costs. Our
solution includes insurance proposal templates library and capabilities to create custom templates and content library. Easily set up automated workflows and get in-built fully-secure eSignatures. Our industry-leading software has been adopted by dozens of insurance companies. It’s not unusual for insurance clients to report savings of 12 hours per week per employee.

Document Content Library

Hassle-free signature collections

PandaDoc comes with electronic signature software that’s UETA and ESIGN compliant, giving you the ability to collect signatures from prospective clients without the hassle of printing and scanning documents. In fact, it’s possible to add eSignature fields to insurance quotes and proposals with a few clicks. Insurance agencies that adopt eSignature technology invariably see a boost in their close rate.


Put automation at the heart of proposals creation

Our proposal software was built from the ground up with automation in mind. Automation is transforming the insurance business and those companies that fail to adapt risk losing a key competitive advantage. With PandaDoc, you can send PDF copies of completed documents to your cloud, send insurance proposals to the compliance department, request manager approval, and much more.

Workflow Approval

Track the entire process of your proposal workflow

It doesn’t matter if you want to measure your progress towards track open and close rates, or even measure individual sales employee performance. Our powerful analytics provides all the information and features you need to form a complete, data-based overview of what’s happening with your proposals. You’ll also have access to a range of automated insights reports to improve processes within your sales team.


Work in an environment designed for collaboration

Creating accurate quotes and proposal involves lots of moving parts. Many different team members and even departments have to coordinate in a timely and efficient manner. PandaDoc is designed to ensure fast, productive collaboration by using team and public commenting feature. Comments and real-time email notifications make it easy work effectively on the same proposal.


Easy implementation for insurance providers

Implementing a new software solution across an entire company can feel daunting. With PandaDoc you’ll be up and running in less than a day, with all your team-members fully familiarized with the software. We also provide an extensive Help Center and the option to purchase additional custom onboarding services. We’ll be there with you to ensure fast and trouble-free adoption.

Search Documents

Access an array of powerful integrations

With access to our library of integrations, you can work from your preferred CRM or link up with your cloud storage provider in only a few clicks. Along with a multi-functional API and a suite of Zapier connections, we offer integrations with a host of popular CRMs, cloud storage services, payment processors, and more.

Access an array of powerful integrationsAccess an array of powerful integrations
Access an array of powerful integrationsAccess an array of powerful integrations

What kind of security does PandaDoc offer?

Security is a top priority for PandaDoc. We ensure the total security of all your documents, client details, signatures, data and more. We are SOC Type 1 verified, GDPR compliant, and use AWS (Amazon Web Services) data-handling centers, well-known for their cutting-edge approach to security.

How does PandaDoc boost the performance of insurance quotes/proposals?

Along with a comprehensive and powerful set of insurance proposal creation tools, PandaDoc also offers
industry-leading analytics and reporting. Our emphasis on data enables you to hone in on processes in need
of improvement, track your progress towards important sales KPIs, and measure employee performance.

How much does PandaDoc cost?

We offer three plans – Individual, Business and Enterprise. Individual plans are ideal for single independent insurance agents. The Business Plan is ideal for organizations of three or more. And the Enterprise Plan is best for larger teams. See a full comparison on our pricing page. You can sign up for a free trial (no credit card required) to give the software a test drive.

What kind of coverage is this proposal tool suitable for?

Whether you’re a commercial insurance agency or an individual carrier, PandaDoc is suitable for creating proposals for the vast majority of products in the insurance industry, from liability insurance to auto coverage.