Sales automation software with flexible dashboard

Use PandaDoc’s sales automation software with your CRM to put your sales funnel on autopilot. Free your team up from monotony so they can focus on closing deals.

Sales automation software with flexible dashboard
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Streamline your sales process

Sales automation software shortens your sales cycle and helps sales reps close more deals in less time.

Create docs in seconds with branded templates

Time is of the essence when prospecting and your sales team can’t afford to sacrifice quality for speed. Templates automate your doc creation process, allowing you to get proposals out the door faster without data entry errors that kill deals. Import a PDF or a doc from Google Docs, then upload your company logo to our content library and use our document editor to create a template, or select one of the 400+ pre-built templates from our template library.

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Integrate your CRM to combine sales and marketing automation

Good data is critical when creating effective sales docs, but manually entering data from a CRM can be tedious and time-consuming. PandaDoc offers native integrations with many popular CRMs (including Salesforce) so you can automatically import accurate customer data into your docs with ease.

Document Integrations Contract

Collect eSignatures and payments inside your docs

Reps can seal the deal directly within their docs with PandaDoc’s eSignature and online payment functionality by simply attaching an eSignature signing point and a payment gateway to the doc. What’s more, the status of the docs will update their corresponding CRM record, setting sales managers up for better pipeline management. The bottom line is that these automation features allow your team to save time, do less paperwork, and create a simple check-out experience for customers.

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Get docs approved and out the door in less time

Even after sales reps complete their administrative tasks, their documents still need to go through the approval process. This can slow down the sales pipeline, customer response time and make it harder to get docs to customers. PandaDoc helps speed up the approval process with automated approval workflows. Once your document is complete, you can set up an automated internal workflow so that all designated approvers can sign off on the doc before it’s sent. Shorten your sales cycle by making it even easier for your internal team to review and approve your documents.

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As a one-man-band, the more sales automation I use, the more productive I am. With PandaDoc I manage proposals and contracts, so templates are key for me.

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Customer stories

Thousands, 50,000 actually, use PandaDoc each day to make their document process painlessly simple.

Frequently asked questions

What is sales automation software?

Sales automation software enables sales teams to work more efficiently by automating traditionally tedious tasks that help deals move through the sales funnel faster.

Why should I use sales automation software?

To decrease the creation time of professional-looking, media-rich proposals proven to close more deals and shorten your sales cycle, while providing a world-class eSignature and checkout experience for customers.

What are the deal stages PandaDoc automation can cover?

PandaDoc covers the entire sales cycle, from propose to close. Pre-made templates allow users to automatically create stunning documents quickly, analytical insights guide teams through the negotiation process, and e-Signature and online payment functionality create seamless, automated collections and signature process.

How easily PandaDoc can be integrated with other tools?

Some integrations, such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, and ZohoCRM, are very easy to install. Depending on the CRM you use, go to their marketplace (alternatively, you can access it from PandaDoc), find PandaDoc, and click Install. More robust offerings require a few more steps in order to add the PandaDoc module into your CRM. At the same time, they offer more customization options, e.g. how much space the module takes on your CRM pages.