eSignatures for Salesforce

Streamline your sales process by simplifying how you create, approve, send, eSign, and store signed documents directly within Salesforce.

eSignatures for Salesforce

Upgrade your Salesforce eSigning process with PandaDoc

Quick start, quick signatures

Setting up your Salesforce integration is quick and easy. Best part? There’s no coding required to perform this digital transformation. PandaDoc’s out-of-the-box settings enable you to customize your signing process with features such as a token builder for pulling in Salesforce data, custom field mapping, document triggers, contract management, and more. For an even speedier send, skip a step, upload your existing documents, and simply add an eSignature field to where you’d like your recipient to sign.

Salesforce Editor

Close more deals with a signing process that works

Make document generation and eSignatures easy for your sales team by integrating PandaDoc with your Salesforce account. An all-in-one tool that features a smooth end-to-end workflow will keep teams moving fast and recipients eSigning faster. Establish digital signature signing orders and automate approvals so your team can collect signatures and close deals in record time.

Document Signature Services

Stop guessing and start closing

PandaDoc’s real-time document status updates are accessible in Salesforce and can send an alert the moment a document is signed. This gives Salesforce users the insight to act quickly at the most opportune time to close deals. All deal-related conversations and negotiations on proposals, contracts, and agreements are embedded within Salesforce to provide reps with a centralized, well-informed business process.

Document Workflow Team

A single source of truth for your deals

PandaDoc is fully integrated with the Salesforce platform and provides data sync capabilities for users to seamlessly transfer data between apps. For example, once a recipient electronically signs a document the opportunity status in Salesforce will be updated accordingly.


Our reps have seen a 28% increase in their close rates and have saved 12 hours per week by creating, storing, sharing, and eSigning sales documents with PandaDoc.

Scott Haney

Revenue Operations

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15 minutes

saved per contract


increase in close rates

Frequently asked questions

Where do I find the latest integration version?

The latest Salesforce integration version is available for download on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Do you support deployment in the Sandbox?

Yes, you can have a fully-functional free trial to test if PandaDoc meets your business needs without connecting the tool to your live Salesforce instance.

Do I need to buy eSignatures separately?

Every PandaDoc subscription includes enforceable, legally-binding, ESIGN, and UETA compliant electronic signatures with a complete audit trail so that you do need to buy a separate eSignature solution. Send any document for signature or collect it in-person. And when the signature is completed, send a PDF copy back to your Salesforce CRM for storage.

How can I customize the Salesforce integration?

Leverage the PandaDoc eSignature API for deeper customization of your integration.

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