PandaDoc Champion Award

The Champion Award seeks to celebrate and share the inspirational success story of a business that has overcome monumental challenges.

PandaDoc Champion Award

Congratulations to our 2023 Champion Award Winner!

Meet the Champ

Kitopi is a multi-brand organization that partners with 200+ restaurant brands, providing the tools and resources to help grow their businesses while expanding their delivery reach. These restaurants share their recipes and operate under the umbrella of the Kitopi brand. Through business collaboration, Kitopi, the host kitchen Champion, has become a household name. As the popularity of food ordering options rises, their club kitchen has found success in becoming one of many contributors in their delivery-driven countries that include UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Poland, and Bahrain.

Here’s how Kitopi became the reigning Champ

Is your company the knockout Champ?

Have you embraced challenges that ultimately lead to triumphs? The Champion Award honors a business who has successfully achieved victory while growing their businesses. These businesses have gone above and beyond to succeed. They’ve embraced their obstacles and learned to pivot to meet customer demand and industry changes. If this sounds like your business, the title of Champion is achievable.

If you are a knockout Champ, contact us at to be considered for this award.