US Postal Service (USPS) 1583 Form

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US Postal Service (USPS) 1583 Form

Complete and notarize your USPS 1585 Form (Application of Delivery of Mail Through an Agent) online to let third-party services receive your mail or hold it when you are away.

What Is a USPS 1583 Form?

The USPS form 1583, also called Postal Form 1583, authorizes the third party to manage the mail on your behalf across the US. This form must be completed by any business or individual renting a PO Box or a mailing address through the post service officially or from authorized third parties, also known as Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies (CMRA).

When You Need the USPS 1583 Form

If you would like to cooperate with CMRAs, you have to provide a notarized 1583 Form. Simply put, the USPS Form 1583 or Application for Delivery of Mail Through Agent legally authorizes the assigned company (CMRA) to collect your mail.

When you assign a dedicated partner to accept your shipments and handle them upon your request, your information remains private. Filling out the USPS Form 1583 is a legally binding insurance type for engaged parties — USPS keeps it on file and monitors related activities to prevent any illicit conduct.

USPS 1583 Form Instructions [2023]

The USPS 1583 form for 2022-2023 is a two-page document.

  • Page 1 includes sixteen boxes to fulfill, some of which are must-haves for everyone and others are designed for business-oriented customers only (namely boxes #9 through 14).
  • Page 2 is a Privacy Act Statement, which signifies how and what for the provided personal information will be used.

The form itself remains the same, regardless of the application. What is different is the data provided in the form’s body.

USPS Form 1583 Requirements

Any of your chosen CMRA companies have to receive copies of a fully-completed and notarized 1583 Form. The U.S. Postal Service is in charge of policing it, so all the engaged members have to adhere to its guidelines, including the identity verification and notarization requirements. USPS might request a copy of this document with any deal.

If you fail to accomplish the USPS Form 1583, your interaction with Mail Receiving Agencies will be non-regulated, insecure, and can be terminated at any moment.

The basic USPS Form 1583 requirements are as follows:

  • Fields must be completed correctly, which vary for business people and regular users of the postal service. Check the requirements of the USPS Form 1583 for business.
  • It has to be a legally valid document, so proceeding with the form’s notarization will be requested in 100% of cases.
  • The USPS Form 1583 requires two types of IDs featuring your address and your photo. Your identifications must be valid and current (not-expired).
  • The address you add in boxes #7a through #7d has to match one ID at minimum. You also provide one ID with the addressee’s signature and photo. If you sign the USPS Form 1583 for business or personal needs, it should be one of yours. 
  • Box #15 has to be completed by a notary. This step can be done online in PandaDoc.
  • Once it is completed, feel free to attach it to your application for USPS mail forwarding services.

How to Notarize the USPS 1583 Form Online

You can notarize your USPS 1583 Form online from any location, should it be your workplace or home. Remote online notarization platform PandaDoc Notary makes it extremely simple, safe and easy. Here you can get your USPS 1583 Form ready in minutes.

Step 1. Sign up to PandaDoc

The USPS 1583 template will open in your account. Make sure you have a copy template link.

Step 2. Add signature fields

You may also add the recipients and assign signature fields to them. 

Step 3. Fill out the USPS 1583 form

Complete the doc by yourself or send it out for e-signature via the link or email. For more detail, check the How to Complete the Postal Form 1583 section.

Step 4. Notarize

Once your form is completed, the notary will contact you with a link to notarization.

How to Complete the Postal Form 1583

The Postal Form 1583 is pretty straightforward in its requirements. Follow the tips to fill it out without mistakes:

  • Box #1 — state the date when the document is completed.
  • Box #2 — here you have to mention the name of the recipient who is going to deal with your packages in your stage. It can be both personal and business names.
  • Box #3 — provide accurate details on your mailbox address. Please double-check this field to avoid any mistypes.
  • Box #4 — this field is for the CMRA corporate name.
  • Box #5 — leave your signature here to certify the mail delivery operation by the chosen CMRA on your behalf.
  • Box #6 — your legal name is to be printed here. It should be the same name of the stated recipient.
  • Box #7 — either business or home address of the applicant is to be typed in this field.
  • Box #8 — that’s where you provide your IDs, at least two of them. Box #15 — this form is authorized by notary agents, so you can simply skip it.
  • Box #16 — this field is designed for signatures and, therefore, finalizing the document.

Acceptable Identification for USPS 1583

To complete the USPS Form 1583, you’ll need to provide two types of IDs that include your address (for boxes #7a to 7d) and your photo. The list of acceptable identifications includes:

  • legitimate driving license;
  • state-issued identification card;
  • energy bills for physical addresses and PO Boxes;
  • trust deeds, leases, or mortgage official documents;
  • auto or home insurance certificates;
  • passports or their alternatives, including naturalization certificates and alien registration cards from the USCIS for legal permanent residents.
  • NEXUS cards with identification numbers for Canada-related shipments;
  • Matricula Consular cards with identification numbers for Mexico-related operations;
  • university, military, and governmental IDs as secondary acceptable forms of identification;

However, your birth registration certificates, social security, and credit cards aren’t recognized as valid forms of identity in this case.

The USPS Form 1583 for Business

Businesses who want their corporate mail routed should fill out boxes #9–14. If you own several businesses, you will have to complete the US Postal 1583 Forms for each. 

Here’s how to fill out the USPS Form 1583 for business:

  • Box #9 — state your business’s name.
  • Box #10 — boxes from 10a to 10e are designed for your business contact details. You may state your company’s mailing address or the one of your registered agent. If you are a solo-preneur with a home-based business, you may use your address. Please note that any of the details mentioned can be accessed publicly for USPS and VPM.
  • Box #11 — specify the type of services or products your company offers. You may describe it in general as clothing, or market research.
  • Box #12 — list each target recipient who will access your shipments. If the opposite isn’t requested, you can insert these details in a separate Form. Don’t confuse it with creating USPS Form 1583 for businesses — then you need to complete the document for different businesses you run.
  • Box #13 — provide your office name and title. 
  • Box #14 — for registered businesses to provide the registration’s country, state, and date.

If you are fulfilling a standard form for personal use you may skip these boxes.


What is the meaning of USPS Form 1583?

USPS 1583 Form is an officially requested document that lets certified organizations handle your shipments. It also functions as a security measure preventing unauthorized registrations and unsolicited access to your virtual mailbox.

When do you need USPS Form 1583?

USPS 1583 Form is required when you establish cooperation relationships with CMRA services to handle your mail when you can’t do it yourself. It is a convenient way for people with multiple businesses, military, or travelers to manage their mail remotely.

Where to get USPS Form 1583?

You can get and complete USPS Form 1583 on the PandaDoc website, where you can instantly notarize it online. We ensure your document adherence to 2022 requirements and complete control of the overall document management process. You can also download it from the official USPS website and notarize it locally.

Does USPS Form 1583 need to be notarized?

Yes, this is a must-have action. USPS mandates that all the CMRAs supply and keep the notarized 1583 Form copies for each client. The form has to be notarized. Otherwise, your CMRA partner won’t be able to handle your mail legally. 

How do I notarize USPS Form 1583?

You can cooperate with a licensed local notary or notarize online at the document management and e-signing platform like PandaDoc. When you get a notarized 1583 Form, your final task is to give it to the Postal Service and provide a signed copy to the dedicated CMRA organization.

How do I fill out a USPS Form 1583?

Before filling out this form, choose CMRA you would like to work with and check whether they have any special requirements for the service. You need to fulfill all the fields, excluding box #15. Personal and commercial versions of the contract slightly differ in the information you need to provide. Apart from the applicant, their spouse can sign the form.

What is an acceptable ID for Form 1583?

The list of acceptable IDs includes primary and secondary IDs like government ID or a passport (foreign or U.S.). Such documents as uniformed service ID cards, credit cards, and birth certificates are excluded.