Need an alternative to Contractbook?

While Contractbook does a great job with legal documents, PandaDoc can help modern businesses build documents for any business situation.

Send unlimited documentsTeam Plans
Unlimited templatesEnterprise Only
Unlimited contract importsEnterprise Only
Free, legally-binding eSignatures
Template library
Approval workflows
Reporting and analytics
Audit trails
In-person signing
Multiple signatures
Send encrypted documents
Custom variables / tokens
Cloud-based document storage
Content library
Personalized branding
Mobile app

Contract management without limits

The vast majority of plans on both PandaDoc and Contractbook allow you to send unlimited documents, but only PandaDoc allows for frictionless contract management by allowing users to create unlimited templates. Don’t let a plan limit your organizational efficiency. Create unlimited templates without having to pay more money.

A safe place to build your brand

Legal documents don’t always have to be boring. While Contractbook provides some great-looking contracts, they can’t measure up to our in-app customization tools. Import everything you need to make your contracts shine. Bring in logos, images, and everything else you need to build a branding kit within the PandaDoc content library. You’ll save valuable time when creating documents and your team members will have everything they need to create consistent and polished contract templates.

Digital signatures all around

A digital signature is one of the most important aspects of legal work. You can get electronic signatures through Contractbook, but only PandaDoc offers a signing platform that’s both simplified and ESIGN and UETA compliant. On top of that, we add an electronic certificate to every signed document and protect PDFs with access codes.

Import your old documents

Your old documents can be a valuable starting point if you’re trying to build an efficient contract management solution. While you can import your old files and legal documents with Contractbook, you’re only allowed a limited number of imports based on your plan. Through PandaDoc, you’ll be able to import an unlimited number of old documents and legacy contracts. Don’t leave your old document library behind. Use it to build a robust library of contract templates with PandaDoc!

Contract templates you’ll love

Have you ever wanted to build a contract your way? PandaDoc gives you total control over template customization. While we agree that Contractbook templates look pretty good, PandaDoc can help you experience contract management with custom templates that define how you want your business to be known.

Go beyond Contractbook with PandaDoc

Save valuable time with PandaDoc branding tools

PandaDoc has all the tools you need to build your brand within a single digital platform. It’s a safe place to store your documents, along with your brand images and logos, so that creating sales proposals is simple, easy, and fun for your entire team.

Design Styles

More than just legal documents

Just like Contractbook, PandaDoc offers a wide variety of tools that make it a full contract management platform. This includes auditing tools and activity monitoring, as well as the ability to invite guests and other team members to create, view, and sign contracts.

Revisions Activity Multilang

Your contracts and proposals all in one place

Modern businesses know how hard it is to simplify their technology stack. With all the tools most businesses use (from Google to mobile phone numbers), it can be hard to keep track of everything. That’s what makes PandaDoc a great solution for teams who want to streamline their time. Our app is a contract management platform that goes beyond legal work. With PandaDoc, you can create everything from sales proposals to leasing agreements in minutes.

Search Documents

Efficient contract management and workflow

Work time is valuable time, and it’s something that team members can never afford to lose. Contractbook and PandaDoc both provide tools to help you keep your team on task. On top of that, PandaDoc gives you the ability to gauge team productivity throughout your contract workflow, from creation to completion, via simple-to-use tracking tools.


Powerful analytics tools

Better contract management is more than just a platform. Like Contractbook, PandaDoc gives you the insights you need to optimize your legal documents for maximum impact. Use our analytics and activity monitoring tools to keep an eye on how customers and team members interact with your document. Then, use those insights to acquire that digital signature even faster.

Analytics Page

Mobile apps for digital signatures on the go

Sometimes, you want something more personalized than an email inbox while viewing documents on the go. The PandaDoc mobile app gives you a secure, safe place to review documents. We also take contract management a step further by giving you the ability to view analytics and send reminders to clients right from your mobile device.


More than Zapier integrations

While both Contractbook and PandaDoc offer Zapier integration, PandaDoc also includes native integrations with many tools that modern businesses use. From Google Drive to Zoho, Salesforce, and HubSpot, PandaDoc can find an integration solution that aligns with your business workflow.


Find the perfect PandaDoc solution for your business