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Switching to PandaDoc gives your team the ability to create, edit, store, and customize your contract documents all in one place.

Free trial
Reminders and notifications
Searchable contracts
Document security and encryption
Email documents
Custom user roles and permissions
Document tracking and audit trails
Version control
Upload and store attachments
Training and knowledge base
Custom fields and variables
Custom templatesLimited
24/7 supportLimited
Unlimited contracts
Document editor and creator
Content library
Branding tools
Payment integration
Mobile apps

A better contract repository

ContractSafe and PandaDoc both offer a wide variety of options around contract storage. But with PandaDoc, you can create folders, search for contracts, tag your documents, and even automate your setup process all from within your customizable dashboards.

Keeping up with key dates

ContractSafe can provide calendar and email reminder notifications to help your team stay on top of important deadlines. PandaDoc provides the same level of awareness around your contracts while providing a collaborative space where your team members and customers can negotiate and finalize the finer points of each individual contract.

Better contract templates

ContractSafe provides a few ways to create contract templates, but those options are mostly centered around slight modifications to uploaded documents. Because PandaDoc comes equipped with a robust document editor, users have the ability to overhaul any contracts that are uploaded.

Custom contracts and custom fields

With PandaDoc, you aren’t limited to a specific set of custom fields or contract variables. While both PandaDoc and ContractSafe use optical character recognition (OCR) technology to interpret any imported contracts, PandaDoc gives users the ability to create as many custom variables as needed to get the job done.

With PandaDoc, both small business owners and major corporations have the ability to create a wide variety of documents. Equip your sales team with proposals built with the PandaDoc editor, or use PandaDoc to send sensitive documents and contracts on behalf of your legal team.

Go beyond ContractSafe with PandaDoc

Integrations suited to your workflow

Using ContractSafe, you’ll have access to DocuSign and Salesforce integrations, but the company doesn’t offer integration options for other cloud services. PandaDoc doesn’t ask you to abandon tools that your business needs. We offer 1500+ integration options through Zapier, as well as numerous native integration tools so that PandaDoc fits into your existing set of business tools from Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive.


A more complete user experience

As a contract management software, ContractSafe is focused on keeping your contract data safe while making sure that managing your contract lifecycle is simple and easy. PandaDoc shares that goal while also focusing on ease-of-use around document customization. With PandaDoc, it’s easy to create user-friendly contracts and related documents in minutes.


Customer support on demand

Have a question? PandaDoc 24/7 live chat support can help with that. Like ContractSafe, we offer a knowledge base and support options, but you can connect with us directly at any time, day or night.


Find the right document fast

Like ContractSafe, PandaDoc offers search functions to help you eliminate contract headaches and find the correct contract document in seconds.

Search Documents

Build related documents inside PandaDoc

PandaDoc takes document and contract management a step further with its content library. Using the library, users can upload anything from images to attachments — everything you need brand the documents you need to create, send, or sign.

Library Blocks

Customizable storage options

Like ContractSafe, PandaDoc offers a wide variety of options to help you organize and store your legal documents. Basic contract management software tools like folders, tagging, and contact management are all available within PandaDoc to help you further optimize your contract storage.


Security for sensitive documents

We understand that your legal documents are important. That’s why we go out of our way to ensure that your document is secure as soon as you create or upload it. Our platform complies with GDPR and is SOC II Type II certified. Within our software, we also offer customizable user roles to ensure that documents can’t be deleted or modified until permissions are granted.

Content Locking

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