What is supporting documentation?

Supporting documentation provides extra information that accompanies or substantiates a primary document, claim, or transaction.

It is used in academia, business, administration, and other areas. 

What are some common types of supporting documents?

Let’s explore various types of supporting documentation you may come across in both your professional and personal life. 

Invoices and purchase orders

You can create and issue an invoice to a client by listing services provided and their total cost.

A buyer, in turn, can issue a purchase order indicating their commitment to pay for specific goods or services at agreed prices. 

Contracts and agreements

These documents outline terms and conditions between you and other parties.

Contracts and agreements are legally binding and cover all aspects of our lives.

The supplemental docs that accompanies them — for example, submitting proof of employment and a government-issued ID when signing a lease agreement — that’s supporting documentation.

Letters of recommendation

A university professor can write a recommendation letter to support your application to an academic program.

In this letter, the professor can describe your qualities, characteristics, and capabilities. 

Likewise, a recommendation letter from your former employer can help you in future endeavors by highlighting your ability to perform particular job-related tasks or functions.

Cover letters

A cover letter accompanies a résumé and introduces you to a hiring manager.

A properly written cover letter highlights key aspects of your career, skills, and personal qualities, helping you create a positive first impression.

Acceptance letters

When you formally accept a job offer, admission to an educational institution, or any other opportunity, you might need to write an acceptance letter confirming your intention to seize the opportunity. 

Itemized receipts

Itemized receipts are common in retail, giving you a detailed breakdown of your purchases.

They list all goods or services purchased along with their individual prices. 

Travel reimbursement is compensation for travel-related expenditures, often in the form of submitted credit card statements.

It could include reimbursement for the cost of flights, accommodation, meals, and more.

Tax returns

Tax returns are forms used by the government for revenue collection.

When you create and send a tax return to report earnings from employment and claim any deductions or credits, all the accompanying doc — called schedules by the IRS — is considered supporting documentation. 

Insurance policies

A health insurance policy outlines your coverage for medical expenses, while an insurance services proposal details the terms under which your insurer agrees to provide compensation. 

Project reports

You might need project reports to provide updates on the progress, status, and outcomes of a project you’re working on.

In such reports, you can specify objectives, methodologies, and findings.

Training certificates and diplomas

These supporting documents certify that you have completed a particular course or program of study.

For example, a diploma from a business school may prove that you have completed your studies in business development.

How PandaDoc can help you upload and share supporting documentation 

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Simple templates

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Send, track, and analyze

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Work on all devices

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Create and share your supporting documents with ease

You can’t do without supporting documentation when you apply for a new job, expect to get reimbursed for travel expenses, hand in work documents, and so forth. 

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