Where can I get a notarized signature?

There are many times in life when it may be useful to get a notarized signature for a document, such as with real estate transactions, in certain healthcare-related situations, for an affidavit, and with some types of legal and financial documents.

Notarization is pretty commonplace. It’s also becoming more convenient to get notarized signatures.

There’s likely to be a notary nearby, such as in your local courthouse, that you can use.

It’s even possible to notarize an electronic signature quickly and easily with the right remote online notarization service

What is a notarized signature?

A notarized signature is a signature approved by a notary, verifying and certifying its validity.

The main role of a notary, or notary public, is to act as an impartial witness for parties signing important documents. 

The purpose of having this impartial witness is for the authentication that anyone signing a document is who they say they are. This helps avoid fraud.

The notary will check the signer’s identity, by reviewing photo ID like a driver’s license or passport(or other satisfactory evidence), and they’ll ensure that the document is being signed for the purpose stated.

How to get a notarized signature

Traditionally, to have a signature notarized, you had to follow a few key steps to make sure that it’s valid. 

Firstly, the person signing shouldn’t do so until they’re in front of the notary.

This is because the notary has to affirm that they witnessed the signing.

Secondly, make sure to bring the correct identification.

This could be an identification card, such as a passport or driver’s license. You could also use any other official document that proves you are who you say you are.

Next, the notary verifies your identity, and you’ll be asked to sign the relevant document. 

Finally, pay the notary.

Usually, to get a paper notarized, you’ll only have to pay a small fee, which can vary from state to state. But, generally, you won’t need to pay more than twenty dollars.

While some of these factors remain the same, remote and electronic notarization services can now make things simpler and faster. 

Where can I get a signature notarized?

Most notaries have regular jobs and also work as notaries on the side.

If you want to find one near you, check out the following locations.


Banks will often have employees who are certified as notaries.

You can usually try your luck and just enter a bank and ask for notary services, but you aren’t guaranteed to have access to any notaries immediately since they may not be working on that particular day. 

Local government offices

Some government offices will have employees who are certified as notaries.

However, you’ll probably need to call ahead and make an appointment.

You can have a look online to locate your local government offices and find the right number to call.


Notaries can often be found at courthouses, either in the cashier’s office or the public records office.

You should call ahead to check that your local courthouse has a notary and find out when they’re available. 

Online notary platforms

It depends on state law and state government legislation, but most jurisdictions now allow Remote Online Notarization (RON) with encryption to ensure your privacy and security remain intact.

Some states still require notarizations to occur in person for particular documents, but on the whole, using an online notary is now a widely accepted practice. 

Shipping stores

Shipping stores will often have at least one notary available among their staff.

This is a fast and easy option for getting your document notarized quickly. 

Can any lawyer notarize a signature?

In some states, such as Louisiana and Iowa, lawyers are automatically granted the power to act as notaries.

In other states, lawyers have to pass a licensing exam and pay a licensing fee, pass a background check, and receive a state notary commission as well. 

So, lawyers can’t automatically notarize signatures in every state.

Depending on their location, they may have to follow the same steps as everyone else to become a notary. 

How much does it cost to get a solicitor to witness a signature?

In some states, like Illinois, signature witnessing by a solicitor can cost as little as one dollar.

In other states, like Oregon, California, or South Dakota, you can expect to pay ten dollars to have a solicitor witness a signature. 

In a lot of states, such as Tennessee, Massachusetts, and Maine, notaries are free to set their own fees.

The award for the lowest pricing to get your signature notarized goes to Vermont, where it costs just 50 cents each for acknowledgments, jurats, and verbal oaths. 

How long is a notarized signature good for?

The notarization of a document itself doesn’t expire.

There isn’t a rule stating that a certain notary stamp has an expiration date. 

As long as the date shown on the stamp that was used during the notarization process is valid and the notary’s commission is valid, the notarization of any signatures on a document will be valid also.

However, the document itself may expire.

If your document states that everything within it is valid for two years, the document will expire after two years, and the notarization of the document will expire with it.

Be protected — get notarized signatures today

Notarized signatures are a great way to protect yourself against fraud.

There are various types of documents that it’s advisable to get notarized signatures for, but it’s particularly important if you’re handling important and sensitive documents.

Getting them properly notarized can protect you from any problems in the future. 

You can use remote notarization, head to your local mail and shipping store, or call your nearest government office.

By getting your signature notarized, you’re proving that a document is authentic and legally valid. 

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