Real estate management software

The complex real estate contract management process is made clear with an intuitive and user-friendly real estate management software solution. PandaDoc’s real estate management system lets real estate professionals manage contracts from the point of initial contract creation through the entire contract lifecycle to get your property sold.

Robust contract management software for the real estate industry

Because each real estate transaction is different from the last, each new real estate contract demands a different approach to generate the ideal outcome for all parties. Here’s how the key features of PandaDoc’s intuitive real estate contract management software give real estate agents the tools, flexibility, and scalability to thrive in the competitive real estate industry.

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Contract management software for any level of the real estate industry

Contract lifecycle management is necessary for real estate professionals at every level of the real estate industry, but it is often overlooked by newer agents as they start out building their businesses. New real estate agents and established real estate brokers alike can benefit from revamping their contract management processes.

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Real estate contract management with e-signatures

The invention of paperless contracting and popular adoption of using digital signatures to close real estate contracts has streamlined contract life cycle management for real estate agents. Contract management software for the real estate industry helps agents manage contracts under a single management platform to give real estate agents and brokers a cohesive view of the entire contract lifecycle.

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Data-driven insights for your real estate contracts

By combining data such as buyer and seller information, sales team analytics, buyer guide data, real estate listing tracking, information of list pricings and closing fees, and other customizable metrics related to real estate transactions, PandaDoc will help reduce operational costs and boost the efficiency of your administrative and business processes.

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Business processes in a unified document management platform

In addition to drafting and completing compliant real estate contracts, operators in the industry must also close new real estate deals between interested parties, while simultaneously maintaining contract accuracy and facilitating the transfer of real estate deals as they reach their conclusion. PandaDoc real estate contract management gives your agency the edge over even the most established agents.

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Cost-effective real estate contract management software

Real estate contract management solutions help agencies to cut operational costs. Whatever the size of your real estate business, your real estate transaction management platform needs to collect, support, standardize, and unify all relevant data related to the execution of your functions in the real estate industry. By unifying every step of the contracting process, your real estate business will reduce operational inefficiencies and cut wastes in your business processes.


Features to streamline your real estate business

The real estate industry requires certain features of an ideal document management software solution. In addition to the ability to send and receive electronic documents, PandaDoc contract management software allows users to track contract data, generate operational reports related to contracting, create and gather e-signatures, and create and automate notifications to ensure the contracting process moves along smoothly and efficiently.

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Real estate integrations to ignite your business processes

PandaDoc also integrates with a number of other data solutions for the real estate industry, making real estate transaction workflows and giving agents the ability to move seamlessly between different platforms. Zapier integrations and nimble API give users instant access to integrations for a wide array of software tools, from CRMs and cloud storage hosting services. PandaDoc interfaces with your existing business solutions to connect all of your contracting and document management processes.

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Track your service contracts with smart CLM features

Changes and modifications to your real estate contracts and any related or ancillary subcontracts over their entire lifecycle. PandaDoc was created with collaborative document creation in mind, you can share documents to various recipients to expedite the approval process, set up signing orders, and automate reminders for electronic signatures. Changes made to the contract are tracked and made visible in real-time while maintaining compliant audit trails.


Create and collect safe and secure electronic signatures

Part of contract management is actually signing the contract. PandaDoc features tools for creating legally binding digital signatures that are ESIGN and UETA compliant. Users can assign specific signatory fields to specific individual signers, which ensures that all participants understand where and what to sign. All finished PandaDoc contracts bear a unique digital certificate that confirms their legitimacy in order to protect all signatory parties.


Close more real estate transactions

While PandaDoc offers many perks to professionals in the real estate industry, none are so important to real estate agents and brokers as the increased ease of doing business with them. Contracting can be a difficult and cumbersome process, and anything that streamlines it improves the client’s experience of your service; not only is contracting made easier for the contractor, but for the client as well.

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What does real estate management software from PandaDoc mean?

PandaDoc real estate management software means simplified document management and contract creation processes related to real estate management. With PandaDoc collaborative document creation and sharing tools, real estate managers, agents, and brokers are able to share and mutually edit any document related to the transfer of real estate in a real estate transaction. All changes made to documents are tracked, giving document owners the ability to revert to any prior version of all documents in the event that mistakes or unwanted changes are made.

What do you mean by real estate?

Real estate is physical and geographical property, and can be land without any buildings or structures built on it (example: an empty plot of land), land with buildings or structures built on it (example: land with a house or apartment building already built on it), or a portion of an already-constructed building (example: a single apartment unit in a larger apartment building). Real estate is commonly accepted as one of the best investments a person can make with their money.

How do property management companies work?

Property management companies are companies that manage and take care of the various functions of property owners for a fee. Property management companies deal directly with renters or tenants at a property, handling all landlord functions such as scheduling and executing maintenance, collecting rent, dealing with past due rent collections, and handling problematic tenants. Property management requires expertise and understanding of local laws, and thus many property owners choose to hire property management companies who already understand property management in their real estate market to handle these vital functions.