DS-3053 Form (Passport Parent Consent Form)

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DS-3053 Form (Passport Parent Consent Form)

Fill out and notarize the DS-3053 form fast and easily. Get the Passport Form DS-3053 to allow one of the parents to take an underage child abroad if the other parent is unavailable for some reason.

What Is a DS-3053 Form?

If you, as a U.S. citizen, plan to travel abroad, the first document you must obtain is a passport. The same is true of your child as well, even when (s)he is a minor that is under 16. But while applying for their passport, you may face the problem in case one of the parents can’t appear in person at the acceptance facility. DS-3053 form, also referred to as Parent Consent Passport Form, is the document that you need to get the child’s passport without the other parent being present there.

When You Need the DS-3053 Form

If something prevents one of the parents from coming to the application venue, like being in the hospital, living in another state or abroad, a child may get a passport with just one parent present. DS 3053 Statement of Consent is official permission from such individuals for their child to obtain a passport and travel abroad. 

DS-3053 Form 2023: What You Need to Know

To enter a foreign country, U.S. citizens can’t use their national I.D. card but are to exhibit a passport, and minors under 16 are subject to this law too. 

Both parents of the child must be present at the acceptance agent when they submit an application to obtain a passport for him/her. If one of them can’t appear there in person, the other should have a notarized DS-3053 form. It is an official statement of consent of the absentee enabling his/her spouse to apply for the child’s passport.

DS-3053 Form Requirements

There are some fine points you should be aware of when you are completing the Parent Consent Passport Form.

  • The passport form DS-3053 can be submitted on behalf of both parents or legal guardians who can’t be present during the application procedure. In this case, a third party is authorized to apply in person for a child’s passport.
  • If Item 3 is left blank, the document is valid for the two passport forms (book and card).
  • The consent is signed and dated in front of the notary. You can notarize the DS-3053 Form online in PandaDoc.
  • The notary also dates the form, and both dates should coincide.
  • DS-3053 form is valid within 90 days after it has been notarized.

Together with the notarized DS 3053 Statement of Consent, the non-applying parent must also submit a clear front and back photocopy of the government-issued identification to the acceptance facility.

How to Notarize the DS-3053 Form Online

You may notarize your DS-3053 form online from anywhere, whether you are at home or the office. Remote online notarization platform PandaDoc Notary connects you with an on-demand notary to perform a real-time notarization. Here’s how to get your DS-3053 form ready fast and securely. 

Step 1. Sign up for PandaDoc

The DS-3053 form template will open in your account. Check your copy template link is in place.

Step 2. Add signature fields 

Tag the recipients and appoint signature fields to them. 

Step 3. Fill out the USPS 1583 form

Fill out the doc in person or pass it for e-signature using the link or email. Follow instructions in the section. 

Step 4. Notarize

Once you’ve signed the form, the notary will reach you with a link to notarization.

How to Complete the DS-3053 Form

Here is a foolproof roadmap you should follow to fill out the passport form DS-3053. 

You may complete the form online in PandaDoc where you can further notarize it. Or you can download the DS-3053 form to your computer and print it out to fill out in writing. All its items should be filled out in hand using black ink.

  • Items #1 and 2  – carefully without making any corrections. If you make a mistake, you will have to complete a new form. 
  • Item #3 – choose the form of the passport you would like your child to get. A passport card is quicker and less expensive to obtain; however, it can be used if you enter a foreign country by land or sea. That is why it is an option to consider if you are going to visit Mexico, Canada, or the Caribbean. If you are going to travel by air, a passport book is your only choice.
  • Item #4 – add the name of the parent who will be present at the application of the child under 16 must be given.
  • Item #5 – the Statement of Consent section, which is to be filled out by the absentee parent. If you complete a printed document, remember NOT to sign or date it, as it should be done in front of a notary. When completing it online, sign the current date as your notarization follows afterwards within one session.
  • Item #6  – is for the certified notary to fill out. 

The completed and verified by the notary DS-3053 form should be submitted together with the passport application to the U.S. Passport Agency, U.S. Consulate, or U.S. Embassy abroad.


What is the meaning of the DS-3053 Form?

By getting it, you, as a parent, give consent for your child to receive a passport and be able to travel abroad. This way, you can get a passport for a child with one parent absent in the U.S. only if the absent parent preliminary fills out the Parent Consent Passport Form.

Where to get DS-3053 Form?

You can get the official DS-3053 Form at PandaDoc Notary, which lets you notarize your form online from any device, with on-demand notaries available 24×7. The DS 3053 printable form, as well as general information and recommendations on filling it out, can be downloaded from the official site of the U.S. Department of State.

Does the DS-3053 Form need to be notarized?

Yes. Without it, the document won’t be valid. Moreover, you must sign the form in person in the presence of the notary.

How do I notarize DS-3053 Form?

You notarize the DS-3053 Form online remotely or visit a local notary. Online notarization is faster and easier to use. Remote notarization platforms like PandaDoc let you complete and sign your document within one 15-minute session on average from your computer or mobile device.

What is Form DS-3053 statement of consent?

It is the section of the form where a parent or legal guardian who can’t be personally present at the application procedure enables the second parent/guardian to act on their behalf in getting a passport for their child under 16.