Streamline your sales process with the PandaDoc HubSpot integration

Create, send, eSign, and track your best sales documents inside HubSpot CRM with the PandaDoc HubSpot integration.

Streamline your sales process with the PandaDoc HubSpot integration

Empower your business with the HubSpot and PandaDoc integration

Extend the ROI of HubSpot CRM by adding document generation and eSignature functionality with the PandaDoc integration.

Complete any sales doc within HubSpot

With the PandaDoc HubSpot integration you can generate and edit documents from a deal, a contact, or a company record in HubSpot. Start with a template, upload an existing document, or build your proposal from scratch. Track all the documents created or sent from that record right within HubSpot.

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Save time with templates and content library

Stay on brand with the help of templates and our content library. Monitor usage of your items so you can continually improve your doc process. To prevent errors, you can even lock content blocks from editing. Store assets, like case studies, testimonials, videos, and images for the sales team to easily drag-and-drop into their proposals, quotes, and contracts.

Templates Library

Merge crucial data right into your documents

Auto-populate new documents with deal data including company and prospect contact information. The content of standard and custom HubSpot fields are added automatically. The list of document recipients is also auto-filled from the deal record. Just give it one last check and you’re ready to send out your personalized proposal.

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Get your contracts signed easily

When it comes to getting a deal signed, there’s no need to pay for two tools. All PandaDoc plans include legally-binding and enforceable electronic signatures. Effortlessly send contracts and agreements for eSignature right from HubSpot. Your prospects can view and sign documents through the app on any device or even in-person.


Closely track document progress

Receive live document status updates in your email inbox, in the PandaDoc mobile application, in a HubSpot Sales record (deal, contact, or company records), or even on the HubSpot activity timeline. Gain insight into who and how long they viewed the specific pages of your document with our document analytics feature.

Contract Analytics

Auto-fill quotes with HubSpot products

When you create a new PandaDoc quote, all of the products from your HubSpot deal will appear in the editable pricing table, including price, quantity, and other details. Review, change if needed, and you’re ready to go.

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Get started fast, no coding required

It is fast and easy to connect the HubSpot and PandaDoc integration because it is pre-built right within our cloud application. Once the integration is enabled, all you have to do is add or create templates, adjust your data merge settings, and you’re good to go. Create and manage your documents from the familiar HubSpot interface.

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A simple and affordable solution for closing the deal

Free eSign users can take advantage of our HubSpot integration at no additional charge and unlock a smoother document workflow. With PandaDoc’s Free eSign for HubSpot, you can upload prewritten docs, and securely sign them all within HubSpot.

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Expedite your proposal process

Send out proposals quickly

Send out proposals quickly

PandaDoc is an all-in-one solution that allows  you to easily create personalized proposals and get them approved and sent out in no time. In fact, it can speed up your close rate by up to 36 per cent.

Build a hassle-free sales process

Build a hassle-free sales process

Managing workflows is also made easier with PandaDoc as it enables teams to work simultaneously on the same documents and seamlessly transfer ownership. Once proposals are issued, PandaDoc keeps important content in each document secure through its built-in locking functionality. 

Keep an eye on every deal

Keep an eye on every deal

In addition, the automated follow-ups you get access to with PandaDoc make it even easier to stay on top of every ongoing deal. The HubSpot PandaDoc integration enables you to monitor changes on either platform in real time.

Who uses the HubSpot integration?

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Sales teams

Spend more time selling with PandaDoc document automation. Save time with integrated document generation and eSigning features designed to help manage deals throughout their entire lifecycle. Get real-time updates on any document activities so you can follow up in a timely manner.

Sales operations and enablement

Build a streamlined sales workflow from lead generation to signed contracts all within the HubSpot software platform. Dive into sales performance with our robust reporting which shows the number of signed documents, their value, and your average time to close.

Sales marketing

Provide sales teams with a library of approved templates and collaterals to create documents super fast. Track the usage of the templates and content library items to identify gaps and make enhancements to the best performing pieces and to develop future content marketing plans.

This feature supports the content creation process by providing an easily searchable location to store basic templates and a repository of extra content you can draw on at any time.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to install additional software to enable the HubSpot integration?

No. PandaDoc contract management software works natively inside Hubspot CRM, meaning you don’t have to install any plugins or software to access the PandaDoc document automation platform features inside HubSpot.

How to integrate HubSpot CRM in PandaDoc?

Go to your Workspace settings and select Integrations. Click the tile with the HubSpot logo. It’s turned off by default. Click on the tile, then click the “Connect HubSpot” button and follow the prompts to authorize PandaDoc electronic signature software to access your HubSpot account.

Where do I learn more about how to connect HubSpot to PandaDoc?

Read more on how to connect the HubSpot integration to PandaDoc proposal software to create, send, and track documents in our help article.