Don't apologize for video prospecting with Jason Bay

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Digital Content Producer

Patrick Downs

Patrick Downs Team Lead, Outbound Account Executive

Jason Bay

Jason Bay Chief Prospecting Officer, Blissful Prospecting

There is no magic sequence of activities that works every time, okay?

There just isn’t.

What there is, is continuous personal and professional improvement, the daily baby steps we take to put ourselves in second place. (Because the other person should be in first.)

In this episode, we had such a great talk with Jason Bay, Chief Prospecting Officer at Blissful Prospecting (and fellow podcast host). As usual, we just threw him straight into posts and clips to get his take on all things prospecting.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The magic multichannel sequencing hack
  • Doing work on your personal life (because it’s affecting your professional life)
  • Baby steps to overcome mental hurdles
  • Why we should maybe stop being so nice
  • Deep dive on Haley’s video prospecting


Check out these resources we mentioned during the podcast: