Eliminate obnoxious corporate jargon in your outreach

If you don’t know your PLC from your OPC, and you’re about to meet with an SME, then you need an LOA. 

Anyone got a corporate translation guide handy? We do. Try this:

  • Fast-paced work environment = you will work weekends
  • Relaxed atmosphere = we give you a crappy t-shirt
  • Huge opportunity for growth = we pay in food scraps

Get rid of your jargon. Talk to people like they’re people. Send them cool stuff. 

SaaS startup advisor Belal Batrawy likes it when you mail him creative things such as volleyballs or Monopoly money. And yes, that’s the whole point of this episode of The Customer Engagement Lab — acronyms and genius marketing ideas.

We talk about:

  • Digital outreach that’s different (like, really different)
  • Interviewing with acronyms
  • Ways sales leaders can improve how they treat their SDRs and AEs
  • Belal’s advice for living your best life (drink water is one part)