Fix your communication for better results: Learnings from an environmentalist

Our speakers

Travis Tyler

Travis Tyler Sr. Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc

Joanna Huxster

Joanna Huxster Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Eckerd College

Joanna Huxster wants you to STOP talking about polar bears. 

Seriously, polar bears aren’t going to help you turn a climate change naysayer into a believer.

You need to ditch the scare tactics and find a communication strategy that fits your target audience. In this Earth Day special edition of The Customer Engagement Lab, our host Travis Tyler sits down with guest Joanna Huxster, Environmental Studies Professor at Eckerd College, to chat about climate change communication.

If you thought crafting effective messaging and positioning for a B2B company was a challenge, you should try climate change. Joanna will share some best and worst tactics environmentalists use to bring awareness to climate change and what you can do to help save our planet. 

We’ll also dive into: 

  • Handling objections
  • Individual carbon footprint
  • Paper’s actual impact on the environment